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Forget about fatigue, bro – like it never existed. Grab the can of the wildest energy and play for as long as you like. Watch matches, cheer for your team and keep hanging with your pals any time, no matter how late it is. When you’ve got the energy, nothing stops you. Just play. Enjoy. Live.
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Energizing esports
Ever wanted to be a pro-player? Well, then you probably know it’s not that easy. NAVI guys are training all the time, they are playing for hours, then they are flying somewhere overseas and need to get ready for the next match right after the long and tiresome flight. Yeah, and don’t forget about jet lag. A decisive battle can often be scheduled for the time when it’s about 4 a.m. in their home country. Do you think it’s easy to win when everything’s like that, huh? Not really. And here comes Monster energy. It combats fatigue, clears thoughts and refreshes mind. Moreover, it unleashes the beast.
Monster Energy
Now you get it why NAVI players love Monster so much. Just check it out, and you’ll understand. A can of Monster energy is twice as punchy as a regular energy drink. That’s the reason it’s being called the meanest energy drink on the planet! Although it hits powerfully, the flavor is smooth. You’re gonna like it, dude!
Monster Absolutely Zero
Same big bad buzz, fewer calories. Well, in fact, there aren’t any calories at all. It’s a zero sugar and calorie-free drink, enriched with B vitamins. Thanks to the special blend and new sweetener system, the taste is great, as always. Monster Absolutely Zero improves mental performance and focus, increases your ability to play hard or cheer for your favorite team when they’re having an important game at dawn. So why don’t you grab one right now?
A lifestyle in a can
Monster is way more than an energy drink. It’s a lifestyle. It’s all about action sports, punk rock music, partying and living life on the edge. Monster backs talented athletes, musicians, e-sports players, next generation pros, and helps them make a career out of their passion. Join the party.