Daniil Mazur
Country, city:uaUkraine, Lugansk
Date of birth:12.08.2004 (17 years)
Game experience:2019 (2 years)


Synyx recommends

  • ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 Laptop
    The most powerful 14" gaming laptop. CPU AMD RYZEN 9 5900HS and new GPU GEFORCE RTX™ 3060 in the maximum configuration. It's capable of 144Hz, supports 2K resolution (2560x1440), equipped with a fingerprint scanner and all the necessary interfaces, in an ultra-thin body. And it can work up to 13 hours autonomously.
  • ASUS ROG Strix G35 Gaming PC
    A productive PC with the AMD Ryzen 7 5800X CPU and the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 GPU. Due to personalized cooling profiles and a modular system, you won't experience overheating, and all the extra drives can be hot-swapped. The system unit is designed for attaching all the necessary devices, easy transportation on trips to the bootcamps, and full customization of the RGB light.
  • Logitech G PRO X Headset
    The PRO X gaming headset with BLUE VO!CE technology has been developed in collaboration with leading professional players. It allows you to apply voice filters in real time, reducing noise, adding compression and eliminating the accompanying hiss. Powerful 50mm diffusers with 7.1 surround sound system deliver rich, accurate sound.
  • Logitech G PRO Wireless Mouse
    7 buttons, high sensitivity up to 16000 DPI of the HERO sensor, low weight of 80 grams and extremely low delay of 1 ms thanks to Lightspeed technology – all this makes G PRO Wireless the most accurate gaming mouse with which you can show outstanding results in many games.
  • Logitech G PRO X Keyboard
    Logitech G PRO X is a new level tournament keyboard! It has many advantages, but main ones are certain: replaceable pro-level switches - Logitech G's development, sharpened for maximum performance and long service life; shortened tenkeyless format and full customization of the RGB glow.
  • Logitech G PAD
    Logitech G creates gaming pads of all sizes (from full-sized to minimal) that provide maximum stability when sliding the mouse. However, there were some innovations here too! Thanks to POWERPLAY technology – a wireless charging system – you can forget about the need to charge a wireless gaming mouse with LIGHTSPEED technology forever, as it charges directly from the pad.
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