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GLL Wingman V: $ 5 000 for BatulinS and Recrent

06 Dec 2018 35
NAVI DUO runner-ups

The players of ru NAVI.GG.BET participate not only in squad championships but also in duo competitions. ru Alexander «BatulinS» Batulin and ru Dmitry «Recrent» Osintsev performed at the GLL Wingman V and took second place!

To win $ 5,000, our boys had to go a very substantial distance. The first test of strength was the qualifying stage of the tournament, which identified the strongest duets and knocked out participants who were not ready for further bouts.

In the next stage, a pair of players fought alternately on three maps, and after each series of matches, the list of participants was also reduced. As for ru NAVI DUO, on Miramar, the duo was in the top three, and on the maps Erangel and Sanhok, they slightly lost their ground but won enough points to continue the fight for the main prize.

The decisive battles of GLL Wingman V again tested the players: on each map — two battles, and after each map — minus eight duets. The Born to Win showed not the most stable game but managed not only to reach the final games but also become the runner-ups of the tournament.

Match # Result Map
1 20th place (1 kill) Miramar
2 2nd place (3 kills) Miramar
3 28th place (1 kill) Erangel
4 1st place (6 kills) Erangel
5 21st place (0 kills) Sanhok
6 1st place (7 kills) Sanhok

It is noteworthy that in six battles the duet became victorious twice — on the maps of Erangel and Sanhok, and in the expanses of Miramar, they have finished second. In the remaining three matches, the guys did not reach the top 20. In total, ru BatulinS and ru Recrent got 18 kills and earned 790 points.

Top duets
Place Team Kills Frag points Survival points Total
1 ru OTW 27 270 785 1055
2 ru NAVI.GG.BET 18 180 610 790
3 ru JUST RUSH GG N&P 15 150 520 670
5 eu M19 19 190 475 665
6 fr CHARGE 21 210 440 650
7 eu Team Liquid 15 150 485 635
8 eu Se7en Clan 18 180 440 620

— Do you feel comfortable playing duo with ru Recrent? What do you think, in what aspects of the game do you complement each other well?

Alexander "BatulinS" Batulin
NAVI.PUBG, VK, Twitch, Twitter, Instagram

“This was our first joint duo tournament, which we played just to get some synergy, because we are both new in NAVI and any practice helps to develop teamwork. During the GLL Wingman V games, it turned out that I called most of the movements on the map, and Dima was great in gathering information. Due to the fact that the Recrent is a sick sniper, we started a lot of pushes at the expense of his first knock-downs, and most of our actions ended in success. ”

— In your opinion, what are the main tactical differences of the pair mode from the traditional squad? Is it easier to play in a pair than in a squad?

— The main difference between duo and squad is, of course, the freedom to move around the map and, best of all, you do not need to be constantly with the car, up to the fifth circle. Of course, there are different games, but still, we mostly walked on foot and just fought out the necessary positions. Playing a duet is really easier, because here in most situations the result does not depend on how the circle is played, but specifically on your personal skill and interaction with your partner. The success of your game lies in the correct positioning, fast movement in the last circles and, of course, in accurate shooting.

— On what do you need to put the emphasis to win in the duos?

— Concentrate on a team game. Or rather, move along with your partner: you are always stronger together and you can play for an exchange — this is the basis of the whole game. Think less about loot, since most of the shootouts will be at short range, and since this is a DUO mode, you will always have time to loot the enemy. The most important thing is your position on the map, the information you collected before the next circle, and the speed of your rotations. That's all (smiles)!

We congratulate ru NAVI DUO with this achievement and have no doubt that in the future the guys will test their abilities in tournaments of this format more than once and will be able to improve their result! #NAVINATION

The participants

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