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The International 2019

10 Aug 2019 219
From 15 to 25 August, the main tournament of the year - The International 2019 will be held. NAVI.GG.BET team were the winners of the regional qualification and will take part in this championship.
Dates: 15.08.2019 - 25.08.2019
Place: Mercedes-Benz Arena, Shanghai, China
Number of teams: 18
Tournament type: LAN
The system: Groups + Double Elimination
Prize fund: $32 000 000
The current champion:
Official site:
Total prize fund: $32 000 000

The competition will be held for the first time in China. The venue will be the Mercedes-Benz Arena, located in Shanghai and accommodating up to 18,000 spectators.

In total, 18 teams will take part in the tournament: 12 of them received direct invitations according to the results of the Dota Pro Circuit 2018/2019, and the remaining 6 passed regional qualifications. The championship prize pool exceeded $32,000,000, a record-breaking amount among all esports competitions.

The ua Natus Vincere team gathered at the bootcamp before the start of the tournament, so you can be sure: the “yellow—blacks” will prepare for the upcoming battles and show their best game.

NAVI.GG.BET match schedule
Teams Start time Match page
August 15
 NAVI.GG.BET ua 1 : 1 euOG OVER Watch
 NAVI.GG.BET ua 1 : 1 usEvil Geniuses OVER Watch
 NAVI.GG.BET ua 1 : 1 peInfamous OVER Watch
 NAVI.GG.BET ua 2 : 0 OVER Watch
 NAVI.GG.BET ua 2 : 0 euNiP OVER Watch
 NAVI.GG.BET ua 0 : 2 myFnatic OVER Watch
 NAVI.GG.BET ua 0 : 2 cnRNG OVER Watch
 NAVI.GG.BET ua 0 : 2 cnVici Gaming OVER Watch
August 20
 NAVI.GG.BET ua 0 : 0 phMineski 13:00 Watch

Tournament format

Group stage (August 15-18):
— all 18 participants are divided into two groups of 9 teams each;
— round-robin format with matches of the best of 2 format;
— 4 best teams of each group go to the upper bracket of the playoffs, worst teams of each the groups leave the tournament, and the rest of the teams go to the lower bracket.

Playoffs (August 20-25):
— 8 teams will start the stage from the top bracket, 8 remaining from the bottom;
— the first matches of the bottom bracket will be in the best of 1 format, the grand final — best of 5, all other matches in best of 3.

Tournament groups

Group B
Team Score
euOG 6—2—0
cnVici Gaming 4—3—1
usEvil Geniuses 3—3—2 3—2—3
peInfamous 1—5—2
myFnatic 3—1—4
uaNAVI.GG.BET 2—3—3
cnRoyal Never Give Up 2—2—4
euNinjas in Pyjamas 0—3—5
Group A
Team Score
cnPSG.LGD 5—3—0
euTeam Secret 4—3—1
usNewbee 2—5—1
phTNC Predator 2—5—1
seAlliance 1—6—1
phMineski 2—4—2
euTeam Liquid 2—2—4
cnKeen Gaming 2—1—5
euChaos Esports Club 0—3—5

Playoffs bracket

Prize pool distribution

EN Talent


Shanghai is one of the largest cities in the world with a population of more than 24 million people

Mercedes—Benz Arena — a stadium with up to 18,000 spectators

Inside view of the stadium during the Shanghai Major tournament

Photo from the Natus Vincere bootcamp

Live broadcast

The participants

Chaos Esports Club
Chaos Esports Club
  • fiLasse «MATUMBAMAN» Urpalainen
  • deMaurice «KheZu» Gutmann
  • dkRasmus «MiSeRy» Filipsen
  • baMilan «MiLAN» Kozomara
  • myCheng «vtFαded» Jia Hao
Evil Geniuses
Evil Geniuses
  • seGustav «s4» Magnusson
  • ilTal «Fly» Aizik
  • caArtour «Arteezy» Babaev
  • dkAndreas «Cr1t-» Nielsen
  • pkSumail «Suma1L» Hassan
  • phAbed «Abed» Yusop
  • phDjardel «DJ» Mampusti
  • sgDaryl «iceiceice» Koh Pei Xiang
  • thAnucha «Jabz» Jirawong
  • krKim «DuBu» Doo-young
  • cnWang «Ame» Chunyu
  • cnLu «Somnus丶M» Yao
  • cnXu «fy» Linsen
  • cnYang «Chalice» Shenyi
  • myJian Wei «xNova-» Yap
  • bgNikolay «Nikobaby» Nikolov
  • auDamien «kpii» Chok
  • myKam «Moon» Boon Seng
  • phMichael «ninjaboogie» Ross Jr.
  • phRyan «Bimbo» Jay Qui
  • ruAkbar «SoNNeikO» Butaev
  • uaVladyslav «Crystallize» Krystanek
  • kgBakyt «W_Zayac» Emilzhanov
  • kgEvgenii «Blizzy» Ri
  • ilIdan «MagicaL» Vardanian
Ninjas in Pyjamas
Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • dkMarcus «Ace» Hoelgaard
  • deAdrian «FATA-» Trinks
  • usPeter «ppd» Dager
  • ilNeta «33» Shapira
  • mkMartin «Saksa» Sazdov
  • dkJohan «N0tail» Sundstein
  • fiJesse «JerAx» Vainikka
  • frSébastien «7ckngMad» Debs
  • fiTopias «Topson» Taavitsainen
  • auAnathan «Ana» Pham
Team Empire
Team Empire
  • ruDanila «dan» Dontsov
Team Liquid
Team Liquid
  • joAmer «Miracle-» Al-Barqawi
  • bgIvan «MinD_ContRoL» Ivanov
  • lbMaroun «GH» Merhej
  • deKuro «KuroKy» Salehi Takhasomi
  • roAliwi «w33» Omar
Team Secret
Team Secret
  • myYeik «MidOne» Nai Zheng
  • joYazied «YapzOr» Jaradat
  • eeClement «Puppey» Ivanov
  • seLudwig «zai» Wahlberg
  • plMichał «Nisha» Jankowski
  • seMicke «miCKe» Nguyen
  • deMax «qojqva» Bröcker
  • seSamuel «Boxi» Svahn
  • seAydin «iNSaNiA» Sarkohi
  • noTommy «Taiga» Le
Vici Gaming
Vici Gaming
  • cnZhang «Paparazi» Chengjun
  • cnZeng «Ori» Jiaoyang
  • cnZhou «Yang» Haiyang
  • cnPan «Fade» Yi
  • cnDing «dy» Cong
  • ruVladimir «RodjER» Nikogosyan
  • ruRoman «RAMZES666» Kushnarev
  • uaVladimir «No[o]ne» Minenko
  • ruPavel «9pasha» Khvastunov
  • ruAlexei «Solo» Berezin
  • peSteven «StingeR» Vargas
  • peElvis «Scofield» De la Cruz Peña
  • boAdrian «Wisper» Cespedes Dobles
  • peHector Antonio «K1» Rodriguez
  • peJean Pierre «Chris Luck» Gonzales
TNC Predator
TNC Predator
  • phPalad «Kuku»
  • phRandrup «Tims»
  • phArmel Paul «Armel» Tabios
  • phNico «eyyou» Barcelon
  • phKim «Gabbi» Villafuerte
Royal Never Give Up
Royal Never Give Up
  • cnDu «Monet» Peng
  • myTue «Ahfu» Soon Chuan
  • cnZhang «LaNm» Zhicheng
  • cnGao «Setsu» Zhenxiong
  • cnSu «Flyby» Lei
  • seJohan «pieliedie» Åström
  • usJingjun «Sneyking» Wu
  • usQuinn «CC&C» Callahan
  • usArif «MSS» Anwar
  • pkYawar «YawaR» Hassan
Keen Gaming
Keen Gaming
  • cnHu «Kaka» Liangzhi
  • cnWang «old chicken» Zhiyong
  • cnRen «ELeVeN» Yangwei
  • cnZhai «一» Jingkai
  • cnSong «dark» Runxi
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