Midas Mode 2

24 Sep 2019 1050
The Midas Mode 2 tournament will take place from September 24th to October 2nd and will feature the peculiar composition of the Natus Vincere.
Dates: 24.09.2019 - 02.10.2019
Place: Online, Online
Number of teams: 4
Tournament type: Online
The system: Round Robin + Single Elimination
Prize fund: $50 000
The current champion:
Official site:
Total prize fund: $50 000

Spectators will see the legendary line-up that became the first winner of The International: ua Dendi, ua XBOCT, ua Artstyle, ru LightOfHeaveN and ee Puppey will come together again to play in the Midas Mode 2, which promises to be very interesting. 

Of interest is not only the composition of the participants, including eu OG and the 2013 se Alliance. The format of the competition is also intriguing. Participants must spend Moonbucks currency on bans, picks, pauses and much more, and also have the opportunity to top up the balance by completing quests.

The new feature is that you can buy any piece of the map: anyone can buy out heroes, various landscape details, as well as objects and transform them into their own way. However, it's all for real money.

We can safely say that the championship will attract great attention and will be remembered for a long time, and all its participants will not only please with the high level of play but also will entertain the audience!

NAVI.GG.BET match schedule
Teams Start time (CET) Match page
NAVI TI 2011 ua20eu OG OVER Watch
NAVI TI 2011 ua02eu Stunners OVER Watch
NAVI TI 2011 ua02se Alliance TI 2013 OVER Watch
NAVI TI 2011 ua00eu Stunners September 28, 18:00 Watch

Tournament format

Group stage:
- round-robin format with matches of the best of 3 format;
- the best team of the group gets into the final of the playoffs, teams 2-3 lines go to the semifinals, and the participant leaves the competition with the worst result.

Group A
Team Score
seAlliance TI 2013 3-0
euSir Sadim's Stunners 2-1
uaNAVI TI 2011 1-2
euOG 0-3

Live broadcast

Will be added later

The participants

  • dkJohan «N0tail» Sundstein
  • fiJesse «JerAx» Vainikka
  • frSébastien «7ckngMad» Debs
  • fiTopias «Topson» Taavitsainen
  • auAnathan «Ana» Pham
Natus Vincere TI 2011
Natus Vincere TI 2011
  • uaDanil «Dendi» Ishutin
  • uaAlexander «XBOCT» Dashkevich
  • eeClement «Puppey» Ivanov
  • uaIvan «ArtStyle» Antonov
  • ruDmitry «LightOfHeaven » Kupriyanov
Alliance TI 2013
Alliance TI 2013
  • seGustav «s4» Magnusson
  • seJerry «EGM» Lundkvist
  • seJonathan «Loda» Berg
  • seHenrik «AdmiralBulldog» Ahnberg
  • seJoakim «Akke» Akterhall
Sir Sadim's Stunners
Sir Sadim's Stunners
  • dkTroels «syndereN» Nielsen
  • seJanne «Gorgc» Stefanovski
  • seNiklas «Wagamama» Högström
  • nlAlaan «SexyBamboe» Faraj
  • nlWehSing «SingSing» Yuen
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