CTZN: «Winning a tournament three times in a row is amazing»

30 Nov 2019 149
CTZN — about the championship, tournament level, and immediate plans

gb Ben «CTZN» McMillan gave a short interview after the victory at ESL Premiership Winter 2019, in which he expressed his emotions from the three-time championship, appreciated the level of the local scene and thanked the fans for their support.

With the infographic of the gb NAVI.GG.BET's performance at the last championship you can learn in the following link.

Share your thoughts after the victory at the tournament. It’s incredibly cool — becoming a three-time ESL champion!
gbБен «CTZN» Макмиллан

Its amazing winning ESL Premiership for the 3rd consecutive time in a row. The feeling never changes and I hope it stays that way.

Tell us about the tournament organization. Was everything top-notch?
gbБен «CTZN» Макмиллан

Yes, everything is organized very considering ESL Premiership isn’t a huge LAN, but it feels like one at the same time with the production, the staff, and the fans.

Was there a feeling the tournament went by too soon? Maybe the organizers need to consider changing the system to Double Elimination?
gbБен «CTZN» Макмиллан

Yes, I’ve said for a while it would be cool if ESL Premiership got extended by 1 day, maybe the finals could also be a Bo5 instead of Bo3 Final.

What can you say about British fans? What was the atmosphere at the event?
gbБен «CTZN» Макмиллан

British fans are always fun and friendly, everyone knows how to have a laugh and entertain the crowd it’s brilliant. The chants that were being made were definitely the highlight of the tournament for me.

Is the level of British teams growing? Which ones can you highlight?
gbБен «CTZN» Макмиллан

Yes, gb MnM Gaming who previously beat us in the online tournament, they are definitely a team to watch. They have a lot of potential I just hope they know how to use it and succeed through ESL Premiership as we did.

NAVI at ESL Premiership Winter 2019 (source)

Nonetheless, you won the tournament without a single defeat. Was the British event easy after EPL finals in Japan?
gbБен «CTZN» Макмиллан

I wouldn’t say it was easy. There’s always a lot of preparation that goes on behind the scenes for us no matter what level the tournament is at. We will still prepare for teams like gb Fierce Esports and gb MnM Gaming because we want to win ESL Premiership.

Did the withdrawal of eu Team Secret impact the overall level negatively? Would you like to see the team come back?
gbБен «CTZN» Макмиллан

No, it didn’t at all, when we first started ESL Premiership we didn’t have anything going for us but Premiership. We came up, practiced, played other ESL Premiership teams at the time and beat them, then took their spot as the Champs. If we can do it any team can do it. I would like to see the eu Team Secret comeback as they are a really good team to play and watch.

What are the plans until the end of the year? Have some rest, and then prepare for the world championship?
gbБен «CTZN» Макмиллан

There will be little to no rest for us as we want to come into the Six Invitational 2020 fully prepared for anything that is thrown at us, we want to show everyone again what we are truly made of.

Currently Rainbow Six: Siege is on sale, and will likely attract a new audience. Give some advice to the new players: who should they play?
gbБен «CTZN» Макмиллан

If you want to sit back and learn the proper way in Siege, Thermite and Doc is the way to go. Both have great guns, both have a supportive job in the team and Both are very impactful for the team no matter what the situation.

A few words for gb Natus Vincere fans?
gbБен «CTZN» Макмиллан

Thank you for the ongoing support. We love every single one of you guys and we hope to carry on making you guys happy at the Six Invitational 2020 and with your ongoing support, I have no doubt that we can win it!

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