Top 3 mode picks by NAVI players

11 Jan 2020 40
Three best modes according to NAVI players

The members of the by NAVI Apex Legends talked about the most interesting game modes in the upcoming Arcade Event. Recall that this event will take place from January 14 to 28.

byKirill "9impulse" Kostiv

1. “Kings Canyon After Dark” — because I missed this map so much, its small open terrain, cool houses that are hard to push into with a third squad, and the absence of 10-story buildings every 3 meters...

2. “LIVE. DIE. LIVE” — because, I hope, it will be possible to warm up on it, as in some kind of “deathmatch ”.

3. “DUMMIEs Big Day” — that's just a cool name. There used to be a couple of dolls at my house: they were from the USSR times and looked rather creepy. I wouldn't mind shooting those...

byNikita "clawz" Marchinsky

Well, firstly, the “Gold Rush Duos”, because I am the strongest player in the team and such weapons are more for my teammates, so I didn't get the chance to play with those...

The second is the third-person mode because in life it is a very important character trait, it may affect my views on the game.

And well, the "Kings Canyon After Dark", because this will be my only chance to enjoy the night starry sky. And also, as the map is expected in future tournaments, it will be useful to remember where and which bush, which mountain will help our team to climb higher in the world ranking.

ruDmitry "Fyzu" Petrov

1. “LIVE. DIE. LIVE” — auto-resurrection should bring more action and make the fights in the last circles more intense. I think this will be the most fun mode of all.

2. “Gold Rush Duo” — I think it will be one of the most beloved modes for everyone because it will be possible to go to the battlefield with only one friend and there will be practically no need to loot. Personally, for me, this mode is remarkable in that it will be possible to have a more intensive practice with kraber/mastiff.

3. “Always be closing” — like previous modes, this mode should speed up matches. It'll be interesting to fight in intensive battles.

by Alexey cYpheRYanushevsky

1. "Kings Canyon After Dark" — I love the good old canyons, especially in the dark.

2. "Always be closing" — a lot of fights, fast games, great!

3. Third-person mode — it's something new.

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