ESL One Rio Major postponed

23 Mar 2020 44
New tournament date from Valve!

ESL reported that the Major in Rio de Janeiro was rescheduled for November due to the coronavirus pandemic. The competition, which was supposed to begin on May 11–24, will take place on November 19–22 at the Jeunesse Arena venue. Thus, the Spring Major will "take" the date of the autumn tournament from Valve, so that in 2020 there will be only one tournament of this kind.

The good news is that the cancellation of the second major resulted in an increase of the prize fund to $2,000,000 - it will be a record-breaking amount in Counter-Strike history. Also, ESL stated that the tickets purchased for the Major will remain valid for attending the event, but those who wish to refund the money spent will be able to do so.

Dates and venues for Minors have not yet been announced. ESL plans to provide details in the coming weeks. In addition, it is not yet known whether the rule of retention of at least three members will remain in place, as 14 months will have passed since the last major. Recall that the ua Natus Vincere in Berlin was in the top eight and now retains the slot in the Legends stage.

The participants

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