NAVI and Esports Charts announced a partnership

02 Apr 2020 587
Natus Vincere and Esports Charts announced a partnership!

ua Natus Vincere esports club is delighted to announce the partnership with Esports Charts analytical agency.

As part of the partnership, Esports Charts will provide detailed viewership analytics of esports events, statistics of current ua NAVI rosters and analysis of their competitors. Esports Charts will also provide the club with up-to-date streaming statistics, audience preferences and the dynamics of players’ broadcasts.

uaAleksey “xaoc” Kucherov
COO Natus Vincere

“Understanding the esports audience and their interests is an extremely important part of our work. Esports Charts will help us to develop in this direction, so we hope for productive cooperation and, of course, we expect the benefits both for our fans and sponsors.”

kzArtyom Odintsov
CEO Esports Charts

“We are pleased to collaborate with Natus Vincere, a club that has a truly large and dedicated fan base. Our team has been following the phenomenon of their popularity for many years. We will help NAVI to understand who their audience is and what they prefer to watch. We'll also provide a complex view of esports events to assist the organization in maintaining its leading positions.”

Esports Charts is the multi-sense bigdata-mining and analytical agency for esports and more. The largest public source of streaming analytics in the world. #1 in Google for “esports stats”, “esports tournaments”, etc. 150K+ of streams monitored daily, millions of viewers daily and several thousands of tournaments in active monitoring.

The participants

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