Charity stream: Ceh9 with the NBA champion.

07 Apr 2020 49
Timofey Mozgov and ceh9 played together for charity

The captain of ua Natus Vincere PUBG ru Arseny "ceh9" Ivanychev held a charity stream with the 2016 NBA champion and player for Khimki ru Timofey Mozgov.

The funds collected during the broadcast were sent to the food fund "Русь" to support pensioners who are self-isolated due to coronavirus.

We took ru ceh9's comments about meeting the basketball player and the results of the stream.

How did you get to know ru Timofey Mozgov?
ruArseny "ceh9" Ivanychev
We met on Instagram. He contacted me after the PUBG Global Championship 2019 and said that he watched matches and was rooting for ru NAVI.
Was this your first joint match? How do you rate Timofey's level in PUBG?
ruArseny "ceh9" Ivanychev

Yeah, we were playing for the first time. For a man who is not in this industry, he played pretty well.

Can you sum up a little bit of the charity stream? Can we expect more?
ruArseny "ceh9" Ivanychev

The stream went well, thanks to everyone who supported! Maybe there will be: keep an eye on social medias.

The participants

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