Quake Pro League Stage 4: facing toxjq

28 Jun 2020 36
3 : 0

The next opponent of by Aleksey “cYpheR” Yanushevsky will be se Johan “toxjq” Quick. The fights will unravel on Corrupted Keep, Ruins of Sarnath, and Blood Run.

by cYpheR 's had a pretty rough time recently at the tournament. So, Aleksey lost the last two matches and dropped to the seventh line of the tournament table.

In turn, se toxjq takes second place, while in the last round he beat his compatriot se Spart1e with a big score - 3: 0. We can say that Johan is in good shape and will probably try to show his best game.

As for face-to-face meetings, the last time today's rivals have faced each other was in the final of Quake Pro League Stage 3. by cYpheR claimed a 2:1 victory back then.

Join today's broadcast and be sure to support Aleksey! We are sure that by cYpheR will thank the fans with a great game! #navination


The participants

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