European League 2020 — Finals

15 Jan 2021 41
On January 15-17, the final stage of the first season of the European League will take place. Natus Vincere will compete with three other teams for the title of the strongest team in Europe.
Dates: 15.01.2021 - 17.01.2021
Place: Online, Online
Number of teams: 4
Tournament type: Online
The system:
Prize fund: $122 710
The current champion:
Official site:
Total prize fund: $122 710

The final stage of the European League begins featuring teams that showed the best results in the two stages of the first season. Recall that eu Natus Vincere players took fifth place in both stages, this result was enough to get into the top four.

NAVI's matches
Date and time (CET) Match Match page
OVER  eu NAVI [1 : 2] fr BDS Esport Watch
OVER  eu NAVI [0 : 2] ru Watch

Tournament format

— bracket — Single Elimination.
— all matches — best of 3, grand-final — best of 5.

tournament Bracket

  • Semifinals
  • Grand finals
  • Winner
Natus Vincere
BDS Esport
G2 Esports
BDS Esport
G2 Esports
G2 Esports
  • 3rd place match
  • winner
Natus Vincere



The participants

G2 Esports
G2 Esports
  • dkNiclas «Pengu» Mouritzen
  • fiJuhani «Kantoraketti» Toivonen
  • fiAleksi «UUNO» Työppönen
  • gbBen «CTZN» McMillan
  • auJake «Virtue» Grannan
Natus Vincere
Natus Vincere
  • gbJack «Doki» Robertson
  • gbLuke «Kendrew» Kendrew
  • plSzymon «Saves» Kamieniak
  • gbByron «Blurr» Murray
  • gbJoe «Joe» Crowther
  • ruArtyom «Shockwave» Simakov
  • ruArtyom «wTg» Morozov
  • ruAlan «Rask» Ali
  • ruPavel «p4sh4» Kosenko
  • ruAndrey «m1loN» Mironov
BDS Esport
BDS Esport
  • frBryan «Elemzje» Tebessi
  • frLoïc «BriD» Chongthep
  • frAdrien «RaFaLe» Rutik
  • frStéphane «Shaiiko» Lebleu
  • frOlivier «Renshiro» Vandroux
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