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FUT Champions Cup #2: Details

13 Mar 2018 69
The main details

ua NAVI.GG.BET cyber-football player ua Yevhen "Yozhik" Mostovyk has successfully passed the qualifiers for the second iteration of FUT Champions, so very soon he will be on his way to the LAN finals. Not only will he fight for a share of a very good prize pool, but he will also try to claim one of the slots for the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018. More details can be found in this article.

128 world-class FIFA 18 players from the entire world will gather in the "most football-y" city - Manchester, for a few days, from 13 to 15 April. The venue is going be Victoria Warehouse hotel. A half of FUT Champions Cup will play on Xbox One, while the other half will use PlayStation 4.

$200,000 are at stake - 64 best players will be able to claim their portion of the prize pool. $ 22 000 will be awarded to the winner, the second place will receive $ 14 000. The 3-4 places will claim $ 10 000, 5-8 — $ 8 000, 9-16 — $ 5 000, 17-32 — $ 2 500, and 33-64 — $ 1 000.

The group stage will be organized according to the Swiss system: all 64 players of each gaming console will play as the same group. The most matches each participant will play is 7, with 4 victories being the playoffs condition. The players with 4 losses will leave the tournament. The playoffs will see 32 players from each console, distributed according to their results. Top 8 will receive an invitation to FIFA 18 Global Series, scheduled to take place in June.

The cherry on top is going to be the Super-Final - the winner on Xbox One versus the winner on PlayStation 4. Each console will have 1 match, and the player with the higher score will be crowned as the champion of FUT Champions Cup #2.

ua Yozhik had already taken part in the first iteration of the event, and had the chance to evaluate the scale of the competition. We are sure he's coming to this event ready to bring his A+ game, and ready to take revenge for Barcelona. GLHF! #gonavi

The participants

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