WePlay Academy League

18 Jul 2021 191
NAVI Junior CS:GO team will take part in the WePlay Academy League. It will be held from July 19 to August 29.
Dates: 19.07.2021 - 29.08.2021
Place: Kyiv, Ukraine
Number of teams: 8
Tournament type: Online + LAN
The system: Groups + play-off
Prize fund: $100 000
The current champion:
Official site:
Total prize fund: $100 000

At the group stage of the WePlay Academy League, all participants will play each other twice in the best of 1 series. The best three teams will qualify to the LAN final, the team that is in the last place will have to leave the tournament, and the remaining participants will fight in the Play-in stage for the last slot in the championship in Kyiv. At that stage, the matches will be played in best of 3 series.

NAVI Junior matches
Teams format date and time(CEST) Match page
NAVI Junior616deBIG Academy bo1 Over Watch
NAVI Junior1611seYoung Ninjas bo1 Over Watch
NAVI Junior161ruVP.Prodigy bo1 Over Watch
NAVI Junior816dkAstralis Talent bo1 Over Watch
NAVI Junior916eumouz NXT bo1 Over Watch
NAVI Junior169seFnatic Rising bo1 Over Watch
NAVI Junior163brFURIA Academy bo1 Over Watch
NAVI Junior1613deBIG Academy bo1 Over Watch
NAVI Junior1116seYoung Ninjas bo1 Over Watch
NAVI Junior167ruVP.Prodigy bo1 Over Watch
NAVI Junior1416dkAstralis Talent bo1 Over Watch
NAVI Junior1416eumouz NXT bo1 Over Watch
NAVI Junior1619euFnatic Rising bo1 Over Watch
NAVI Junior00brFURIA Academy bo1 Over Watch
NAVI Junior20ruVP.Prodigy bo3 Over Watch
NAVI Junior00euFnatic Rising bo3 August 8, 20:00 Watch

Tournament format

group stage:

— eight teams play each other twice in best of 1 match;
— top 3 teams will advance to the LAN final, the worst team leaves the tournament;
— remaining teams will have last chance in the Play-in stage.

— Single Elimination bracket;
— teams ranked sixth and seventh in the group start from the first round;
— teams ranked fifth in the group starts from the second round;
— teams that ranked fourth in the group begins from the third round;
— all matches — best of 3.

Play-In Stage:

  • quarterfinal
  • Semifinal
  • slot match
  • to lan finals
NAVI Junior
Astralis Talent
NAVI Junior
NAVI Junior
Team statistics
Place  Teams Games Wins Losses Points
1  eu mouz NXT 13 10 3 10
2 se Young Ninjas 13 9 4 9
3 de BIG Academy 13 9 4 9
4 eu Fnatic Rising 13 7 6 7
5   NAVI Junior 13 6 7 6
6 ru VP.Prodigy 13 4 9 4
7 dk  Astralis Talent 13 4 9 4
8 br FURIA Academy 13 3 10 9

The participants

NAVI Junior
NAVI Junior
  • ruEvgenii «Aunkere» Kariat
  • uaRodion «fear» Smyk
  • ruIlya «m0NESY» Osipov
  • uaDaniil «Synyx» Mazur
  • uaSergey «pogor3lov» Pogoryelov
  • ruNikita «BloodyK» Dobrynin
  • ruEugene «r3salt» Frolov
  • ruArmen «cheerful» Eskuzyan
  • ruAlexey «RuFire» Burakov
  • ruIvan «lom1k» Ovsyanik
BIG Academy
BIG Academy
  • deNiklas «NIKZEj» Burmeister
  • deChristian «LapeX» Preuß
  • de «pr1metapz»
  • de «Aqua»
  • de «glaVed»
Astralis Talent
Astralis Talent
  • dkMads «vester» Vestergaard
  • dkAlexander «Altekz» Givskov
  • dkAndreas «Void» Dietrichsen
  • dkVictor «vigg0» Bisgaard
Young Ninjas
Young Ninjas
  • seAnton «Sapec» Palmgren
  • seLove «phzy» Smidebrant
  • seLinus «nilo» Bergman
  • seErik «ztr» Gustafsson
  • seKalle «Ro1f» Johansson
mouz NXT
mouz NXT
  • plKamil «Siuhy» Szkaradek
  • plHubert «szejn» Światły
  • huÁdám «torzsi» Torzsás
  • deJon «JDC» de Castro
  • ilDorian «xertioN» Berman
FURIA Academy
FURIA Academy
  • brAndré «drop» Abreu
  • brLeonardo «zmb» Toledo
  • brIcaro «ninjaZ» Cavalari
  • brLucas «decenty» Bacelar
  • brGuilherme «piria» Barbosa
Fnatic Rising
Fnatic Rising
  • deDavid «prosus» Hesse
  • [:Pe:]Peppe «Peppzor» Borak
  • seKevin «Kevve» Bohlin
  • ptFrancisco «kst» Fragoso
  • roIulian «regali» Harjău
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