WePlay Academy League: vs Young Ninjas

27 Jul 2021 58
Start at 20:45, bo1

The WePlay Academy League continues. After getting revenge against de BIG Academy, ua NAVI Junior is ready to face se Young Ninjas.

Before the start of the tournament, the se Young Ninjas were one of the favorites of the WePlay Academy League. However, the Swedes are delivering mixed results: they have four wins and four losses on their record.

Week 2 started with a sensational defeat for the se NiP youth roster against ru VP.Prodigy. Recall that ua NAVI Junior defeated se Young Ninjas in the first round of the competition.

All of the matches won by se Young Ninjas at the WePlay Academy League were on Overpass, however, they also lost once to eu FNATIC Rising on this map. The other maps on which the Swedish team lost are Nuke, Mirage and Ancient (with the same score of 11 : 16). More often than not, se Young Ninjas bans Vertigo and Dust2.

We're sureua  NAVI Junior will do their best to extend their winning streak. Tune into the broadcast at 20:45 and support our guys. #ObsessedWe 

WePlay Academy League (BO1)
July 27, 20:45 CEST
NAVI Junior
  • Aunkere
  • m0NESY
  • fear
  • SynyX
  • pogor3lov
      Young Ninjas
  • Sapec
  • phzy
  • ztr
  • nilo
  • Ro1f


Place  Teams Matches Rounds Round difference Points
1  eu mouz NXT 6–2 130–110 +20 6
2 NAVI Junior 5–3 103–85 +18 5
3  eu Fnatic Rising 5–3 120–106 +14 5
4 de BIG Academy 5–3 107–103 +4 5
5 se Young Ninjas 4–4 109–95 +14 4
6 br FURIA Academy 3–5 90–110 -20 3
7 dk Astralis Talent 2–6 92–112 -20 2
8 ru VP.Prodigy 2–6 94–124 -30 2

The participants

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