NAVI will play in the finals of the UKIN Season 3!

28 Jul 2021 4
Great performance by our team

The group stage of the third season of the UK Ireland Nationals has come to a close. eu NAVI Rainbow Six Siege team took first place in the group and advanced to the final stage of the competition!

The Born to Win showed a high level of play during the tournament. The team scored 6 wins and only lost once in overtime in the last match in the group against gb MnM Gaming.

The final round of the third season of UK Ireland Nationals will be held August 28-29 in online format. Four teams will compete for £ 21,000 in prize money and a slot in the Challenger League (excluding some teams that are already in that tournament or in the European League 2021).

At the moment, eu NAVI's opponent for the tournament finals is unknown: it will be determined in a playoff between the teams that finished 3rd-6th in the group stage. #ObsessedWe.

Group stage
Place Teams Wins-Losses Wins-Losses (maps) Map difference Points
1  gb NAVI 6-0-1-0 49–20 +29 19
2  gb Viperio 86 6-0-0-1 43–25 +18 18
3  gb Cowana Gaming 5-0-0-2 42–29 +13 15
4  gb MnM Gaming 2-2-0-3 42–40 +2 10
5  gb Wylde 3-0-0-4 29–41 -12 9
6  gb Victus 2-0-0-5 24–41 -17 6
7  gb TENSTAR 1-0-1-5 34–47 -13 4
8  gb Team JLE 1-0-0-6 24–44 -20 3

The participants

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