NAVI qualified for PUBG Global Championship 2021

04 Oct 2021 25
NAVI scored 490 PGC Points and reached the championship from the third place.

The matches of Continental Series 5: Europe finished yesterday. With this, we know which teams will advance to the PUBG Global Championship 2021. Born to Win is among the participants!

PGC 2021 will be held from November 19 to December 19 in South Korea. 32 teams from different countries will compete for more than $ 2,000,000.

From Europe, apart from ru NAVI, zz, eu FaZe Clan, eu Team Liquid, ruQuestion Mark, eu Heroic, tr BBL Esports and fi ENCE will participate. received an invite thanks to their victory at PCS5, while the rest of the teams gained a sufficient number of qualifying points.

ESL Masters Spring PCS4 ESL Masters Summer PCS5 Total
50 145 120 175 490

Congratulations to ru NAVI! We look forward to the start of the PGC, but don’t forget that Born to Win has to take part in the PSL Elisa Esports Winter Challenge with a prize pool of €15,000 prior to the PGC. For ru NAVI, this competition will start on the 11th of October. #ObsessedWe

The participants

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