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ESL Pro League S7 EU: a triumph over FaZe

14 Feb 2018 227

The second day of ESL Pro League S7 EU kicked off with the battle between uaNAVI.GG.BET and euFaZe Clan. The first game took place on de_inferno, while the second one featured de_mirage. The games were very intense, but ultimately we take the first map 16:6, while the second was taken in the overtime.

Game 1 - Natus Vincere [1:0] FaZe Clan

The first game started off with the pistol round for ua NAVI, and we raked up 2 more until eu FaZe grabbed the gun round and another for good measure. Our economy was somewhat low for the 6th round, so we had to work with whatever was saved from the previous round while eco-ing. The plan worked, as we claimed our 4th round of the half. Even though we got reset in the next round, we had enough money to buy some decent weapons, and for several rounds, the teams kept trading.

Ultimately, we took the 8th round, and already established the solid advantage on the map. From that point onwards, ua NAVI totally dominated the half - even if some rounds were closer than others, eu FaZe did not find a single point up to the end of the half - 11:4.

The second pistol round went to eu FaZe Clan, while the next one saw ua Edward pull off a very good play, killing 2 Ts and defusing the bomb. This allowed ua NAVI to take the subsequent one and force the opponent into full eco, and we hit 14 points. The match point was close, but we lost a round because of not having enough time. This didn't halt us for much longer, as ua NAVI hit the match point at 15:6, with the end in sight - 16:6.

Game 2 - Natus Vincere [1:0] FaZe Clan

The first round saw a swift play and good shots on the side of ua NAVI, securing the first point. Even though some members of eu FaZe Clan were able to survive quite well and even plant, it yielded very little, as we secured the first 3 rounds. The attackers took the first point during their first buy round, with the reset coming right after - the opponents were left far behind. They took another point, and the round trades started coming in. 

eu FaZe got a couple of rounds, and our economy deteriorated a little bit, but not enough to boost the opponent a whole lot. ua NAVI hit 8 rounds very soon. That was it for us, though, as we seemed to have lost grip on the game for a little, ending the first half with 8:7.

Pistol round was an extremely close one, with a 4K by se olofmeister, with ua s1mple to take him down with a 3k. 3 rounds went our way up to buy round again. From then on, though, we dropped 3 points, allowing eu FaZe Clan to tie the score 11:11 and take a 1-round advantage, which only lasted for a little bit. Our 13th point stripped the opponent of most of their money, forcing an eco. Two rounds followed soon - match point for us. eu FaZe Clan were not ready to throw in the towel, as they denied the first couple of match points, forcing the game into the OT.

First OT round was swept by eu FaZe, while the second was a lot closer, but still no cigar. We got no points for the first half of the OT. 2 rounds went our way in the second half, and the action was becoming incredibly intense, with 1v1 and 2v1 clutches. ru electronic and ua Zeus both stepped up to take the game to the second OT.

Two rounds got traded at the beginning, but then we seemed to have gotten a grip on the game, as ua NAVI came incredibly close to taking over the map, but this was not to happen, as the game went further into the OT. The game tied at 23:23, and we gathered all our strength for the final push. A dangerously close game, but we made it - 1:0 our way!

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