Happy birthday, flamie!

CS2 / News / 5 April 2018 — 08:29

Happy birthday!

On this special day, we at  ua NAVI.GG.BET celebrate the birthday of our Counter-Strike player ru Egor "flamie" Vasilyev, who turns 21 today. During the three years he's been part of Born to Win, flamie has gained the love and respect of thousands of fans from all around the world and proved to be an exceptionally talented player. 

With flamie on board, the team went through a long, rocky stretch with both ups and downs, attaining remarkable achievements and most incredible records. Meanwhile, Egor has solidified the reputation of a player who is highly motivated to achieve outstanding results. His enviable combination of diligence and talent is the reason why he's considered one of the best names in competitive CS:GO. 

On behalf of NAVI, we wish flamie the very best on his birthday and thank him for his efforts and constant commitment! Although our cooperation has already proved very productive, we are confident that his biggest achievements and brightest victories are still ahead! Good luck and happy birthday!