Paladins Premier League: the intrigue reigns

News / 8 April 2018 — 12:32

A win and a loss.

The third week of the spring split of the Paladins Premier League is over. eu NAVI.GG.BET fought against eu Fnatic and eu Ninjas in Pajamas. The results are satisfactory.

The first rival - a strong team called eu Fnatic, was a familiar rival for the "yellow-black", since before playing under eu Natus Vincere tag. For this reason, the match promised to be extremely tense and spectacular, which eventually happened.

Already on the first map, the enemy managed to make a small comeback - being down with the score of 3:1, they pulled it back up to 3:3, but our guys managed to gather the strength and, having won the final round, snatched the victory. Nevertheless, already at that time, it was clear that it's not going to be a walk in the park.

3:15:06 - game against Fnatic

On the second map we've been defeated by opponents - with a score of 4:2. It is noteworthy that the third map was taken by the players of eu Natus Vincere with exactly the same score. This momentum, however, was not enough to win the fourth map.

The opponents were not going to just lose and in the end, made an incredible comeback two times in a row, and on subsequent maps achieved a score of 4:3. Unfortunately, despite the intense struggle, in this fight eu NAVI were the ones to lose.

1:43:04 - game against Ninjas in Pyjamas

But the second duel, in turn, turned out to be relatively problem-free for our guys. eu Ninjas in Pyjamas managed to put up a fight only on the third map, and took two for themselves. In the rest, the games were dominated by the players of eu Natus Vincere, who claimed the fourth victory in the tournament.

After the completion of the three weeks of the spring split, eu NAVI takes the second place in the Paladins Premier League, eu Fnatic being the first. Nevertheless, the guys will still have the opportunity to take revenge and come out on top in the overall standings! #gonavi

NAVI.GG.BET Paladins Lineup

Kai van Duppen
Kari Parviainen
Kevin Rahu
Pawel Majszyk
Teemu Tenhunen
Front line / Flex Damage / Flank Front line / Flex Damage / Flex Support / Flex