ESL Pro League S7: a tie with mousesports

CS2 / News / 10 April 2018 — 19:29

A fierce and spectacular struggle.

It was the first game of ua NAVI.GG.BET at ESL Pro League S7 EU this week, and the first opponent was eu mousesports. The dual bo1 ended with a 1:1 draw.

Game 1 - Natus Vincere [1:0] mousesports

The first game was off to a very nice start for ua NAVI, as we’ve taken first the pistol round, and then a few more to climb up to 6:0. eu mouz had a hard time coming back into the game - despite the round 6 going their way, it was not enough for them to turn into something significant. Even though some rounds were not too favorable for us, in the end, we were still getting them.

Another 5 round streak of ours was interrupted by a victory of eu mouz, only to be reset right away. ua NAVI was feeling rather comfortable, slowly inching closer to the end of the first half. The concluding round saw us close out the half with 13:2.

The second half kicked off with a pistol round victory for the opponent. It seemed like eu mouz started to get back into the game, as they took 3 rounds straight. It was at that point ua NAVI started to take the game back, with round 5 coming incredibly close - despite having 1 man standing in the end, eu mouz still dropped the round as they ran out of time - match point. Despite the best efforts of the opponent, ua Natus Vincere took de_inferno 16:5!

Game 2 - Natus Vincere [1:1] mousesports

The beginning of the second game started with the round trade - eu mousesports won the pistols, while ua NAVI claimed the subsequent one, but did not manage to secure the force buy. This allowed the opponents to take 2 more rounds - round 4 saw only 1 enemy standing, but we were not able to secure it. We were down 1:4, and had to step it up to deny the opponent a chance to win the game.

Round 5 marked the beginning of our own streak - 4 rounds straight away put us above the opponent, even if only for a single round. Another round trade gave us the advantage back - ua NAVI was 6:5 up. The round difference kept staying very close, not exceeding 1-2 points. By the end, though, we broke ahead and closed out the half with 9:6.

The second half was off to a similar start - ua Natus Vincere took the first round, but eu mouz stepped up to the challenge, drawing the game 10:10 and taking a 2-round advantage. Even if we were far from a dangerous situation, it was still a tough game for us, as we seemed to be unable to get a solid grip onto the game. 3 rounds later, the game became very dangerous, as the opponents hit the match point - 10:15, and claimed the game a couple of rounds later - 11:16.