ubah: "Determined not to let NAVI down"

PUBG / News / 12 April 2018 — 08:41

Meet our newcomer!

We are glad to welcome the newcomers in the ranks of ua NAVI.GG.BET! We've got a series of interviews for you to get better acquainted with our players. For today's episode, we had ru Ivan "ubah" Kapustin join us to answer a number of interesting questions. He told us why he quit Dota 2 and transitioned into a new discipline, and spoke on the pros and cons of PUBG and the current situation in its competitive scene. 

– A lot of fans still associate your name with Dota 2. Why did you decide to quit it?

– I just stopped enjoying the game. Plus, I realized that my level of play was a little lower than that of a professional player, and although I had a chance to try out for some teams, I didn't jump at it.

– Do you still watch Dota 2 tournaments or you are no longer interested in this discipline?

– I sometimes watch majors – I'm still interested in what happens there.

— PUBG is quite young as a game and an esports title, but at one point it broke all the records of popularity. Why do you think it received such a great attention from players?

— The game itself is more or less simple, and you can have a lot of fun with friends while playing it. Plus, it is suitable for players of different skill levels – you don't necessarily have to have a good aim to win.

— Which mode do you play the most often: SOLO, DUO or SQUAD? Why?

DUO vs SQUAD. I think it's the perfect mode, and you have to put more effort to win there. 4man SQUAD gets boring quickly.

— Some players recommend beginners to drop into popular places where most people are. Others say that it's better to look for remote villages with no one around, loot there and learn to survive. What do you think?

— It's better to start with remote villages and only then move to dropping into the school. I think this way you'll learn more efficiently. 

During the beta test process, the game has changed significantly. What inconveniences did the players have at the beginning? What are the main disadvantages of the game at the current stage?

– The main disadvantage at the beginning was a low FPS, since the game has quite high hardware requirements, and bugs. Now, only bugs are left.

– Do you think there's a risk that players and viewers will get tired of it soon, like with Heroes of the Storm?

– Everything is possible. I think it fully depends on developers and whether they'll be able to keep improving the game and maintain its audience.

– At what point did you decide to become a professional PUBG player?

– When I stopped enjoying the game's matchmaking with a weird system of selecting players, which made all games pretty boring. I wanted to be matched with opponents of my skill level, as otherwise, it's very difficult to keep getting better.

– What chances does PUBG have to reach the level of the most famous esports titles? What is the main thing which developers should pay attention to? 

– It all depends on the developers – they need to get viewers interested. I think they need to fix the spectator mode first and get rid of all the bugs which affect the game.

– Are they moving in the right direction in terms of the game's competitive side? Valve, for example, has offered some new approaches to organizing the competitive season. Which one do you find the most successful?

– For PUBG, I'd prefer to have the qualifying point system which is now being tested in Dota 2.

ubah, 0nuqtive, POKAMOLODOY, Shade1

– Who is responsible for in-game calls in your team? How do you divide the roles?

– Vadim ru POKAMOLODOY. We don't have roles as such.

– In your opinion, what qualities are necessary to be good at PUBG?

– I consider communication to be a key factor in the game.

– Have you ever played other Battle Royale games? What is the difference between PUBG and these games?

– I played H1Z1 a little. PUBG is more realistic.

– We are also curious about your opinion on another popular game – Fortnite. Have you played it? What are your impressions?

– I haven't!

– What's your opinion on PUBG's competitive scene at the moment? Which teams do you consider to be strong?

– The competitive scene is still evolving. I can single out us FaZe Clan, who have been delivering the most consistent results.

Ghost.pr0phie, FaZe.Jembty, NAVI.ubah

– What about the CIS region? Which teams are the most formidable?

– Only two CIS teams have been showing some results in online tournaments and LANs, namely we and ruAVANGAR. Maybe, the number of teams will get bigger with time, but for now we have what we have.

– On April 20, you'll play at the GLL LAN in Bucharest. This is the second big tournament for you. What do you expect?

– We hope to win. We'll try to fix all the mistakes that we made previously.

– You finished as runners-up at the recent PGL PUBG Spring Invitational 2018. What are your goals for Romania's championship?

– Of course, we aim at the first place. But we'll see how it goes!

– Who are your most dangerous opponents in the battle for the title?

– It's difficult to choose one team. eu Team Kinguin, us Ghost Gaming, us FaZe Clan.

— Any shout outs to the fans of ua Natus Vincere?

— We'll try not to let ua NAVI down!