s1mple to substitute for mousesports at ECS

CS2 / News / 12 April 2018 — 11:25

s1mple is going to sub at ECS Season 5 for mouz

ua Olexandr "s1mple" Kostyliev is going to play at ECS Season 5 Europe, going as a sub for sk Martin "STYKO" Styk. ua s1mple is going to play in a single dual Bo1 against pl, which is the only game left for eu mousesports this week. The games are scheduled to start at 21:00 and 22:00 CEST.

As a reminder, ECS Season 5 Europe is an online tournament, scheduled to end in early May. eu mousesports are currently standing in the 5th position, being 1 away from making it to the ECS S5 finals. Top 4 will get there, while the next 4 get a ticket to the next season; finally, the last 2 teams will have to go through Challenger Cup. Good luck to ua s1mple!