Dota 2: patch 7.13 is live

Dota 2 / News / 12 April 2018 — 22:00

Attribute perks and tower gold changes

Another patch from the series of biweekly patches has dropped. It seems Valve is taking steps to make the games last longer, with the melee barracks receiving +300 HP; push now gives less money, as all towers' bounties have been reduced. Glyph of Fortification now lasts 1 second longer, and Shrines, aside from gaining 250 HP, can regen 5 HP/sec.

Tower bounties
Tower Bounty pre-7.13 Bounty in 7.13 Total gold
Tier 1 120 100 500
Tier 2 200 120 600
Tier 3 200 140 700
Tier 4 200 160 800

As for the hero changes, no particular hero was touched. Instead, the respawn time for levels 12-24 was readjusted. Finally, the attribute perks now work on every class and have been altered. Strength now provides Magic Resistance, Agility - still Movement Speed, while Intelligence now buffs Spell Amplification. Each class, though, will receive +25% bonus from their corresponding attribute. Say, a Strength hero will gain not 18 HP from 1 strength point, but 22.5.

The official, full changelog is available .