SLi Invitational 5: a clean victory!

Dota 2 / News / 14 April 2018 — 13:00

A clean victory

The next series of ua NAVI.GG.BET was against the Brazilian team br SG Esports in a bo3 series. The result was a clean 2-0 sweep by our team,

Game 1 - Natus Vincere [1:0] SG Esports

The first game started off very well for ua NAVI - the laning stage went exceptionally nicely, with a lot of kills coming in for the Dire. br SG, in their turn, did not really have any kills all the way till 8 minutes in, with a kill on Shadow Fiend. 14 minutes in, as br SG gathered together to try and find someone in the jungle, ua Crystallize took down the first T1.

As the teams clashed in the middle lane, ua Natus Vincere won the fight and demolished mid T2, inflicting some serious damage onto T3 as well. Just a couple minutes after that, we decided to take the first Roshan of the game. br SG smoked and attempted to intercept, but a combination of Bedlam+Terrorize spelt doom for the Brazilian team - 4 dead. ua NAVI immediately abandoned Roshan and destroyed the entirety of the midlane.

Securing serious map advantage, the Dire returned to the Roshpit to finish what we've started. Aegis for ua Dendi, and we're ready to fight again! The decisive encounter unravelled near enemy bot T3 - br SG had nothing to effectively repel us, as we take the game with a clean swoop. 

Game 2 - Natus Vincere [2:0] SG Esports

The second game was a very active one from the start - teams tried to go for aggressive moves on both parts. But after the initial few kills not much happened for a while. As ua NAVI could not go for kills that easily, we opted for objective gameplay, taking down all T1 towers before 11 minutes. This opened up the map for us significantly.

A few fights resulted in the advantage increasing even further for us, and eventually, all T2's fell, with the opponents unable to push back. They tried to fight, but the Bane bait did not work out as expected - ua NAVI turned it around, taking down the enemy team and claiming Roshan.

That opened us the path to the high ground - we seized the opportunity and approached it immediately. Despite the best efforts by br SG, they could not withstand the damage output of ua Natus Vincere, as they lost the game. 2-0 in the series - we move forth!