DreamHack Masters Marseille: against Gambit!

CS2 / News / 22 April 2018 — 08:31

11:00 CEST, bo3!

The semifinals are going to feature a CIS-derby - a match between ua NAVI.GG.BET and kz Gambit. The game will begin at 11:00 CEST and will be in the best of 3 format.

kz Gambit had a rough start into this event: the guys lost to us Liquid with a score of 7:16 (de_cbble), however they continued the competition, having overcome tr Space Soldiers (16:7 - de_train). The last fight at the group stage pitted kz Gambit and us Team Liquid yet again, and this time the Kazakh team achieved victory (2:1).

Since DreamHack Winter 2017 ua NAVI and kz Gambit would inevitably meet each other at every LAN tournament in which they participated. The overall pattern for the last few months is as follows: the Kazakh squad was stronger in the two best of 1 series (DreamHack Winter 2017 and ELEAGUE Boston Major 2018), but our guys came out on top in the best of 3 (StarSeries S4). We believe that ua NAVI will again have the upper hand over the opponent and break into the grand final of the tournament! #gonavi

11:00 CEST

best of 3

  • s1mple
  • electronic
  • Zeus
  • Edward
  • flamie

  • AdreN
  • mou
  • Hobbit
  • seized
  • Dosia