DreamHack Marseille: victory over Gambit!

CS2 / News / 22 April 2018 — 11:08

A clean victory!

DreamHack Marseille pitted ua NAVI.GG.BET against kz Gambit yet again in a bo3 series. The game ended in favor of ua NAVI, as we move past kz Gambit into the grand finals!

Game 1 - Natus Vincere [1:0] Gambit

The first pistol round was taken by ua NAVI, and we got 2 more on the back of that. We continued the domination, and kz Gambit attempted a few different strategies, but they did not seem to work out. Only during the 8th round did ua NAVI drop a single round, but the immediate reset in the next round proved to be disastrous. A couple of rounds later kz Gambit took another point, but that was it for the first half, as we never dropped one till the end of the first half, securing an excellent start into the second half - 13:2.

The second, half, though, started quite a bit worse, as we've dropped the pistols, and kz Gambit got 2 more on the back of that. 2 more their way, and we found ourselves at a disadvantage, but the max loss bonus allowed us to start getting back into the game.

The first round taken by ua NAVI allowed us to get a better buy in the next round, which disrupted the enemy economy. We've achieved the first match point despite certain difficulties in the round before, as kz AdreN went big. Despite the big series which kz Gambit achieved, it did not help them to delay the end - de_nuke is ours!

Game 2 - Natus Vincere [2:0] Gambit

The pistols were taken by kz Gambit, as ua Edward was left in a tough 1v2. ua NAVI dropped 2 more rounds, and rounds 4-6 were aken by ua NAVI, tying the score 3:3. However, the series was enough to carry us into the lead, as kz Gambit managed to break ahead yet again, with ru seized being able to deny the bomb defuse by distracting us. Another 3-round streak by us tied the game yet again. ua NAVI was the first to break the 8 round threshold, eventually closing out the half 9:6.

The second half did not start too well for ua NAVI, as kz Gambit took 2 rounds, but we denied them the opportunity to tie the game just yet by taking 2 rounds ourselves.  Round 22 allowed the opponents to break the double digits, as ua NAVI did not manage to hold the bombsite long enough; eventually the game was tied by the opponents - 12:12.

The advantage was still not on the side of kz Gambit, though, as we claimed 2 rounds again, inching closer to the match point. Despite the best attempts of the opponents, we claimed the series 2:0, moving to the grand finals!