NAVI.GG.BET take the silver at DH Masters Marseille!

CS2 / News / 22 April 2018 — 17:25

A great run for NAVI.GG.BET!

ua NAVI.GG.BET end the run at DreamHack Masters Marseille at the second place, and $50,000 is the reward of our team for the good performance.

The path to the grand finals was not an easy one by all means. We started from the group stages, and the first match ended in a victory against au Renegades (16:4 - de_mirage). This first game was a warm-up for our team, since the toughest games were still ahead.

Next, we witnessed a fierce battle with se fnatic at the winners' finals. The fight kicked off with a solid victory on ua NAVI map pick (de_inferno - 16: 7). After that, the game moved tose fnatic's chosen map (de_cbble), where the Swedes looked more confident, snatching this one 16:11. The game on the decider map was a very back-and-forth one. In the key moments, our guys were still stronger and unyielding to the pressure, winning the game with a minimal advantage (16:14).

In the quarter finals ua Natus Vincere faced off against eu mousesports - the team that most recently defeated our guys at StarSeries S4. Wishing to avenge the disheartening defeat in Kyiv, ua NAVI came to the fight focused on victory, and it only took us 2 maps to make it furher. First, the Born to Win defeated eu mousesports at de_mirage (16:11), and then finished it all on their strongest map (de_inferno - 16:11).

For the slot in the grand finals ua Natus Vincere had to compete with another team from the CIS - kz Gambit. In this fight, the guys were not going to give slack and confidently took the rivals down at de_nuke (16: 7) and de_train (16:12).

Finally, the final run! The decisive battle is ua Natus Vincere - dk Astralis. ua NAVI demonstrated a well-coordinated team game, but they could not cope with the last rival. We congratulate the guys on a worthy performance and wish them good luck in the upcoming tournaments. Special thanks to the fans who supported our team throughout the tournament and gave strength to fight to the last! #gonavi