Quake Open League: COOLLERZ is up!

Quake / News / 25 April 2018 — 15:34

Ready, set...

Player of ua NAVI.GG.BET  ru Anton "COOLLERZ" Singov is going to enter the fray as soon as today! Our Quake Champions player will participate in the first draw of the Quake Open League.

At the start, Anton will have to compete with his rivals in the group stage. After the draw, ua NAVI player was seeded in Group G, where his rivals will be pl Av3k, kz prox1mo и ru unde4d. The group stage of the league will be a round robin, the format of all matches is best of 3.

Watch [:ru:] COOLLERZ games here: 

Players Start time (CEST) Match page
April 25:
COOLLERZ20id unde4d 19:00
COOLLERZ20id prox1mo 20:00

The players are divided into eight groups. The next round will see two strongest players advance from each group. Participants will play a single elimination system with the best of 3 matches. In the grand final, players will play a Bo5.

Quake Open League Season 1 will take place from April 25 to May 13, and the tournament is designed for two divisions: Europe and North America. The prize fund for each of the divisions is $ 1,000.

We wish ru COOLLERZ to prove himself and achieve the best result! #gonavi