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News / 27 April 2018 — 10:29

All esports fans, regardless if they are haters or supporters, now have a chance to get the most hyped CS:GO and PUBG skins and Dota 2 items. and ua Natus Vincere decided to reconcile the esports fans with each other by uniting them around the coolest skins and items from their favorite games. These are the "objects of desire" of millions of gamers: AWP | Oni Taiji and AWP | Hyper Beast for CS: GO, Turquoise Delight — Kar98k and Glory — AKM for PUBG, as well as obsessed by Dota 2 community arcana for Pudge - Feast of Abscession Bundle. To compete for these and many other prizes, you need to go to the and perform a number of simple actions.

The promo duration is from 25.04.2018 till 07.05.2018. The winners of the raffle will be announced after 08.05.2018. They have two weeks to get their prize. GL HF!