PUBG Online Contender: week 4

PUBG / News / 1 May 2018 — 16:15

Matches start at 20:00 CEST

Today at 20:00 CEST ru NAVI.GG.BET PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS squad will play in the Contender division of the online league by PUBG Online. In total there will be two duels - the battles will unfold on Erangel.

Among the rivals of the Born To Win, there are ru M19, ru Team Empire, dk Team Imperial and others. It can be noted that the participants are not the most formidable ones, and ru NAVI.GG.BET players see this league as an excellent opportunity to try out strategies for the next bigger tournaments. But rest assured: the "yellow-black" will give their all

Visit the broadcast, it will take place on the Twitch channel . An evening of good PUBG is sure to follow!

4th week matches
Match start time Link Result
May 1, 20:00 — Map 1 starts   =//=
May 1, 21:00 — Map 2 starts   =//=


- English
- Russian

Participating teams:
ru NAVI.GG.BET  ru Team Empire  dk Team Imperial  eu Team SoloMid
ru Vega Squadron  eu pro100  eu G2 Esports  eu Noxious
eu Spett Gaming  eu o1ne  eu Back from Zarki  eu Serejka_pomogai
eu Dacia Drift  eu MOONWOLF  eu FROMZERO  eu Dream Russian Team
eu Ninjas in Pyjamas  eu M19  eu Unskilled  eu Making Plays
eu myTeq  eu Knights  eu Team Unique  eu Slussfors Gaming
eu ALTERNATE aTTaX  eu SAVAGES  eu pushme  eu finstack
eu Fluffy Gangsters  eu Shapeshift Gaming  eu Tornado Energy Storm  eu Novus Ignis

The point system

1st place - 100 points
2nd place - 80
3rd place - 70
4th place - 60
5th place - 50
6th place - 40
7th place - 35
8th place - 30
9th place - 25
10th place - 20
11th place - 15
12th place - 10
13-16th places - 5 points each