Auzom Relegations: the battle goes on!

PUBG / News / 6 May 2018 — 18:35

The battle goes on! Games will start at 20:00 CEST.

Today ru NAVI.GG.BET will continue to storm the European division of Auzom Relegations. Four games are already over, and for this evening, 4 more are to take place. The matches will begin at 20:00 CEST.

As for the outcome of the first competitive day, Born To Win the occupied third place, which can be considered a good result. In the first match our guys managed to hit the top 7, but in the next games the team did not fall below the top four. In the final battle of Saturday ru NAVI claimed the second place. We hope today the players of our quartet will show themselves from the best side!

Start time (CEST) Match page Result
OVER 13 place (5 kills)
OVER 6 place (7 kills)
OVER 1 place (11 kills)
OVER 5 place (5 kills)

Recall that "yellow-black" face fifteen other teams, including   AVANGAReu G2 Esports ForZe, and other equally formidable quartets. It is noteworthy that at the moment the rating of the teams is led by three Russian teams, and the Italian squad it MOONWOLF managed to get higher than all the teams.

Tournament table (upd. after 3 games)
Place Team Pts Kills
1  eu Aftermatch 701 30
2   NAVI.GG.BET 577 28
3  eu TINDERGULD 524 21
4  eu HAVU Gaming 481 23
5   forZe 414 18
6  eu Dynamight 386 12
7   Spett Gaming 386 14
8   Great People Only 369 8
9   Overtime 343 8
10   Quickmath 316 13
11   no loot gaming 314 11
12   GamersOrigin 303 13
13   myTeq 244 5
14   Grow uP eSports 224 10
15   Dycore Esports 197 10
16   aceBy 97 4

The main reward for the participants is the direct ticket to Auzom Premier League Season 3. It will be awarded only to the sixteen strongest teams of the Relegations, with the slots divided equally between European and American regions. We wish good luck to our squad!