Interview with iLame_ru: Heading to PUBG Global Invitational 2018

PUBG / News / 8 May 2018 — 09:43

Meet iLame_ru!

ru Team Unique player ru Evgeny "iLame_ru" Pekhtelev will step in for the PUBG lineup of ru NAVI.GG.BET in PUBG Global Invitational 2018. As we are getting closer to the event, we sat down with iLame_ru for an interview where he spoke about his expectations, the potential of the team and shared his opinion on the weak points of PUBG.

— Hey! How do you manage to combine the roles of a caster and a streamer while also being one of the best players in the region?

– Hey! I don't do anything special, I just keep playing. The whole point is, if you like what you do you will always be good at it!

– And which one of these roles is your favorite? What would you like to focus on?

– Perhaps, an analyst's job and casting.

– During GLL, you were supporting NAVI even though you were commentating, and now you've got a chance to play alongside our trio. What are your feelings?

– It's amazing! I like ru Drainys a lot. I consider ru POKAMOLODOY the best captain in the CIS, and ru ubah's just exceptional!

— You'll have to mesh with ru POKAMOLODOY, ru ubah, and ru Drainys. Do you think it's going to be hard to adapt to their playstyle and get to understand each other?

— It's been always pretty easy for me to adapt, except for the situations where personal issues would come into play, e.g. different personalities. I know all the players for quite a long time, so I think there won't be any major issues.

Evgeny "iLame_ru" Pekhtelev

— Everyone on the squad should have a role. What's your goal? Do you want to fill the position of Shade1 or bring in your own game?

— I'll do what the captain says. I don't have any sort of a "wishlist", it's not possible. I'm a combatant, and ru POKAMOLODOY knows that if he asks me to go somewhere with a task, I'll do it the way he says.

— You could witness the performance of the boys as a spectator and had a chance to see what shape they're in. Do you consider NAVI as the leading team in the CIS? What about the global stage?

– ru NAVI are very strong, but it's pretty easy to lose this strength if you don't study your opponent properly.

— What are NAVI's strengths and weaknesses?

— I haven't noticed any critical weaknesses yet, but every team has those. Their strengths are in a cold calculation which leads to sound decisions combined with the readiness to take risks.

— How would you describe your squad's playstyle? Is it close to your own style?

— Pure aggression with a cool head. Yeah, it is! I love to push enemy positions and enjoy winning even if this is merely a small skirmish when the enemy had everything to kill me but it's me who has won!

Natus Vincere roster

— Do you think you'll be able to learn something from the guys? What do you want to gain from this experience?

— Of course, I will. All ru NAVI players play considerably better than I do, but I know some things which none other teams in the world know. You could see everything at StarLadder and GLL.

— What's your preparation plan? Will you gather for a bootcamp?

— I definitely want us to have a bootcamp!

— Do you think it's fair that Shade1 will have to miss one of the most important events because of the age restriction?

— I can say that Shade1's situation is very upsetting. I do understand what he feels, because I also had to miss my last tournament, Invitational, but the reason was different.

— Is this a flaw of the competitive system? What other issues should PUBG developers pay attention to as they are trying to improve the game's competitive component?

— The main issue is the circle. I think it should be drawn by a referee who would have to determine what the optimal circle for all teams is.

ILame_ru and SL analyst's panel

— You mentioned in one of your interviews that success in PUBG largely depends on how lucky you are. Do you still think so? Can a random-based game become an esports title with multimillion-dollar events?

— You can sometimes use this randomness to your advantage, of course, but how can you win if the circle always moves away from you? In 10 minutes, you haven't got enough loot for the team, no ARs, no scopes. You can still win in this case, but the chances are very slim.

— Since the game was released, it has seen numerous changes. What positive changes have developers introduced? Which aspects still have to be changed? 

— The developers worked really well on the game's new content, particularly the patch with the new grips and changes to the weapon meta. However, there're still some issues with the network code. 

— What's your opinion on the new patch and a new map?

— The patch is great! I haven't tried out a new map yet but watched some of my friends' streams.

— What does PUBG lack? Is it worse than some of its competitors, like Fortnite?

— It has room for improvement in terms of visuals and the network engine as well as the circles which would work in the competitive setting. PUBG loses to Fortnite because of obvious reasons — the latter is free, and the environment is very friendly.

— Thank you for your time! Any shout-outs?

— Guys, don't get too obsessed with things, look for interesting people, forget about haters and be healthy! <3