Happy birthday, ZeroGravity!

News / 9 May 2018 — 09:00

Happy birthday!

Today we celebrate the birthday of a man who founded ua Natus Vincere and paved the way to its success. On behalf of the club, we wish ua Alexander 'ZeroGravity' Kokhanovskyy the best on this special day!

Alexander has demonstrated with his own example that the path from an idea to its implementation is much shorter than it seems at first glance. Having begun his career in esports in 1999, he now is the CEO of a globally renowned organization with many departments and sections. 

The players who represented ua Natus Vincere over these years have managed to attain numerous notable achievements and have fans in all almost all parts of the world. Naturally, those were ua ZeroGravity's dedication and professionalism which have been key to the club's rise to the heights.

By founding ua Natus Vincere, Alexander did not only make his dream come true, but also provided talented players of the region with an opportunity to unlock their potential, gave the CIS fans of competitive gaming their own team to cheer for, and created career opportunities for ua Natus Vincere employees.

Although ua ZeroGravity stepped down from the CEO role at ua NAVI, he is an active participant in club activities: just like several years ago, he supports the successes of the squads and remains their loyal fan. We wish ua ZeroGravity the best of luck in all that he does and are more than sure that nothing is impossible for him!