Happy birthday, caff!

Dota 2 / News / 10 May 2018 — 10:39

Happy birthday!

Today the Born to Win celebrate the birthday of a man who is often on the backstage, but his input in developing ua Natus Vincere has been truly invaluable over the years, as he moves forth with the Dota 2 roster. It is the birthday of ua Igor "caff" Sydorenko!

Igor manages to combine all the crucial features: he is valued for being a professional, great psychologist, strict yet fair manager. Somehow caff holds everything under his control, at the same time remaining a true friend of "yellow-black", who can always provide the advice and support.

Like nobody else, he takes every defeat to heart and rejoices when the team does well. Thanks to their own efforts, the players and the manager have already crossed numerous milestones and been through many stress tests. We are sure Igor will remain a strong support for the guys and do everything in his power to make sure ua NAVI takes new titles and makes fans happy.

On behalf of the organization we are grateful to Igor for staying faithful to his duties and incredible dedication. The Born to Win wish him success in all his endeavours, resilience and patience. May the work bring only positive emotions, and may the motivation to work grow every day!