Dota 2 7.15 gameplay update

Dota 2 / News / 10 May 2018 — 15:06

Dota 2 patch 7.15

Another update hit Dota 2 client recently as part of the biweekly update cycle. This time around, it concerns the gold balance on the map, alongside some minor changes.

One of the biggest changes is, perhaps, done to Bounty Runes. Now they spawn once every 5 minutes and will give 40+3/min gold to every player. Aside from that, they would also fill bottles to the max (3 charges), unlike before. This is likely to influence the gameplay of support heroes and the roaming players, as they would have to be able to find other gold sources, not relying on bounties too much.

Speaking of Bottle, the healing has also been increased - from 80/40 HP/MP to 100/50. This will likely affect the midlaners and the roaming heroes, since both need the sustain without returning to base.

Structures, creeps and Ground Courier bounty also got reduced. Tower denies now give absolutely no gold to the opponents, unlike 50% before. There are other numerous changes to the landscape, trees and towers. Full details are available .