Player profile: velheor

Dota 2 / News / 15 May 2018 — 23:37

Getting to know velheor

ua NAVI.GG.BET Dota 2 roster has recently changed, as a new player, ru Fedor "velheor" Rusikhin, joined the ranks of the "yellow-black". As the player is still relatively unknown on the wider esports scene, here is the , while this article will cover his gaming profile.

The first steps

Like many well-known people in cybersport, on the onset of his gaming interest, Fedor did not set a goal to become a professional gamer as a career. Initially, he would enjoy his time in computer clubs with friends, from time to time he played Counter-Strike and was fond of Warcraft. The main impetus was the desire to get better and win, but soon, out of the blue, Dota 2 made its entrance, ua NAVI won the first The International in history and forced many talented guys to consider esports not as just a hobby, but from an entirely different angle.

Then ru velheor made his first steps to the cherished goal: he actively participated in the St. Petersburg tournaments and, as a rule, was not disappointed in his abilities. Of course, eventually, Fedor wanted to challenge himself even more - first, he joined a semi-professional team called Cascade. Together with the friends, the player stormed small championships, drawings of StarLadder ProSeries, and also took part in the Russia Cup in 2016, becoming a runner-up

velheor (right-hand side, the second), team Cascade

New Level

It was this achievement that helped Fedor to finally make sure that he had found his calling and was ready to concentrate on the competitive dota. For some time, ru velheor has worked hard to improve his gaming skills, learn to cope with the excitement and get the experience of playing in the team and for the team.

Speaking about semi-professional groups, ru velheor auditioned for the role of position 4 support in a few teams, such as ru M19, ru Team Empire and even ua NAVI, but Fedor did not manage to stay anywhere for a long time. Sometimes, the excitement would get the best of him, while in other cases, he did not fit with a quartet. Despite this, he did not leave his attempts to join a pro team.

He did not become a full member of a leading CIS team, however, his attempts helped him get some recognition among players and managers: he had been subsequently contacted if a team needed a replacement; in general, most were positive to give him another chance. It is noteworthy that, after trial matches in ua NAVI back during the winter, ru velheor also left a good impression.

Fedor used the time productively: he played at a higher level, participated in closed qualifications and fought with the strongest teams of the division. Treacherous stress has subsided, there is only a desire to show everyone what he can do, to prove that in no way is he inferior to other players. Now he has the opportunity - welcome to ua Natus Vincere!

Favorite heroes and Roles

Speaking directly about the ru velheor's game profile, it should be noted that at the start of the professional path the player experimented quite a lot with the roles. For example, from 2014 to 2016 Fedor did not occupy a definite position: he played support heroes most of the matches, but at any time he was ready to change roles and take control of the core heroes like Luna and Juggernaut.

Fedor also acquired experience playing on the offlane and mid: in his arsenal, there were Storm Spirit, Lone Druid, Magnus, Puck and other heroes who are not your typical support. Nevertheless, ru velheor made a choice in favor of supporting, and the top of his favorite heroes were aggressive Night Stalker, Clockwerk, and Earthshaker.

According to Dotabuff statistics, Fedor has 182 official matches, but only 65 of them are in the "premium" and "professional" categories. His win rate, meanwhile, is 62.09%. The average KDA is 3.34.

At the moment, the most popular heroes of ru velheor are Doom (11 matches), Tusk (11 matches) and Rubick (9 matches), and the most successful ones include Earth Spirit, Puck, and Riki (4 matches, 100% wins). The hero pool also contains Doom (11 games - 72.73% win rate), Clockwerk (7 matches - 71.43% win rate), Bane (8 matches - 62.50% win rate).

As for the amateur level, Fedor enjoys Earthshaker and Rubick for himself - they are in the lead in his personal rating, and only Pudge is ahead of this pair. Curiously, the most frequently chosen heroes were Invoker, Lone Druid and Puck. At the moment, ru velheor occupies the 318th position in the European ladder.

We are sure that Fedor's cooperation with ua NAVI will be fruitful and interesting for both parties. We look forward to the debut of the player as a part of the Born to Win and wish him good luck! #gonavi