ESL Pro League S7 Finals: against FaZe

CS2 / News / 17 May 2018 — 08:37

Game starts 20:30 CEST.

The winners final of Group A will pit ua NAVI.GG.BET against eu FaZe Clan. The game starts at 20:30 CEST and will be played as a bo3.

eu FaZe rounded out Day 1 with a flawless run with confident wins over us Cloud9 (16-3) and eu mousesports (2-0). Three maps into the competition, their ba NiKo has been the best player of the event so far with a rating of 1.57. ua Natus Vincere's stats, in turn, have ua s1mple as an MVP with a 1.37 rating.

The last time we met in the semifinal of StarSeries S4, we took a 2-1 win over mouz. The winning team of today's encounter will proceed straight into the semis, while the loser will start the playoff run in the quarter-final. Tune in to the stream tonight and cheer for Born to Win! #gonavi

20:30 CEST 

best of 3

  • s1mple
  • electronic
  • Zeus
  • Edward
  • flamie

FaZe Clan
  • NiKo
  • karrigan
  • rain
  • GuardiaN
  • Xizt