ESL Pro League S7 Finals: victory over FaZe Clan

CS2 / News / 17 May 2018 — 19:38

An important victory secured!

The next series of ua NAVI.GG.BET at Esl Pro League S7 Finals was against eu FaZe Clan. The Bo3 match ended with a decisive 2:0 victory of ua Natus Vincere!

Game 1 - Natus Vincere [1:0] FaZe Clan

The first game of the series started off with the pistol round win for ua NAVI,  and on the back of that our team got a couple more points to put us up 3:0. The first gun round, though, was taken by eu FaZe Clan, and from there onwards the attackers managed to tie 3:3, and then 4:4.

Round 9 saw a ua Zeus - sk GuardiaN duel and our captain was victorious - 5:4. But we did not manage to string another one up, as eu FaZe were quite comfortable on the map - 5:7. The opponent almost managed to cross the 8-round mark and move forth, but ua NAVI had other plans, as we bounced back to 7:7, and eventually, closing the half 7:8.

The second half started off with the pistols going the way of ua NAVI, with the subsequent round seeing ru electronic stepping up for the quadra kill, and ua Zeus finishing the job. Ultimately, we took the lead. Round 21 saw a very unexpected move by ru electronic, as he used dk karrigan to boost himself up, finishing off a couple of opponents with a few bullets.

Only 7 rounds in did eu FaZe manage to take the first point, and took the next one to avoid getting the reset. Still, it did not take us long to regain the strength and got to the match point at 15:11. The first match point saw us run out of time, but the next one saw ua NAVI break onto the bombsite, but ua Edward, left at 1v1, brought the pint and the map to a good ending - 16:12!

Game 2 - Natus Vincere [2:0] FaZe Clan

In the first round ua NAVI lost ua s1mple very early on, but this upset did not cost us the round, fortunately, as we claimed the first point of the map, following it up with 2 more to take it 3:0. The 5th round saw ua s1mple clutching it out with dk kerrigan. eu FaZe were not doing too well, as the score hit 7:0, and only at that point did the opponents manage to claim the first point on board.

Since the round 8, eu FaZe started to climb back up, diminishing our advantage. ua NAVI was unable to regain the grip on the game, as we dropped a significant series of rounds, as the opponents took 6 rounds, and we were quite low on money. Ultimately, ua FaZe Clan tied the game 7:7 and even took the half 8:7.

We've taken all the pistol rounds up to this point, and the score equalized again - 8:8, and ended at 10:8. The loss of the next round hit ua NAVI economy pretty hard, yet we found the opportunity to get a decent buy and take the round - 11:9. From there on, ua Natus Vincere sprinted ahead, all the way to the match point. 15:9, and we had 6 match points to work with. eu FaZe were not ready to give up on this series just yet, as they took 3 in a row before finally ua NAVI picked themselves up and decisively crushing eu FaZe Clan 2:0!