Natus Vincere G2A new website is now in open beta

News / 1 December 2017 — 14:24

Meet Natus Vincere G2A's new website!

As you have probably noticed, there have been some serious stability issues with ua Natus Vincere G2A website in recent weeks. Because of those, our media team has been unable to provide the information as quickly and effectively as before, and therefore could not keep the fans updated on the latest news. With such events as DreamLeague Season 8 (Dota 2) and DreamHack Winter 2017 (CS:GO and Quake Champions) at hand, it was clear that the problem needed to be resolved urgently.

Since functionality and load capability of the previous website version were limited, today we are excited to launch the open beta for the new ua Natus Vincere website. Its functionality is still a bit limited, but will soon be expanded. Any feedback on the errors would be highly appreciated so that they can be fixed as fast as possible.

Meanwhile, our media team is getting ready to fill the website with creative content and turn their innovative ideas into reality!

Stay tuned! #gonavi