Paladins Masters 2018

News / 4 years ago

NAVI.GG.BET takes part in the tournament Paladins Masters 2018, which takes place in Atlanta. The prize pool of the championship is $ 100,000

Among the participants, there are a lot of strong teams, able to compete for high places. Of course, the "dark horses", which were not considered as serious rivals before the tournament, can also show quite unexpected results.

"Yellow-black" arrived in Atlanta exclusively for the victory, so we believe that our guys will be able to show their best game. #gonavi

NAVI.GG.BET games:
Teams Start time Match page
May 17:
NAVI.GG.BET eu20au Kanga Esports OVER
May 18:
NAVI.GG.BET eu20br Spacestation OVER
May 19:
NAVI.GG.BET eu13eu Fnatic OVER
May 20:
NAVI.GG.BET eu31us Team Envy OVER
NAVI.GG.BET eu42eu Fnatic OVER

Prize pool distribution:

1st place: eu NAVI.GG.BET — $ 40 000
2nd place: eu Fnatic — $ 20 000
3rd place: us Team Envy — $ 10 000
4th place: br Spacestation Gaming — $ 10 000
5-8th places: us G2 Gaming, us Renegades, ar Burrito, au Kanga Esports — $ 4,000 each
9-10th places: ua Chromaspace, eu Gankstars — $ 2,000 each