StarSeries S5: Draw results

CS2 / News / 21 May 2018 — 16:33

The first opponent — Tyloo

Round 1 matchups for the StarSeries S5 have been drawn, with  ua NAVI.GG.BET pitted against cn Tyloo. Unlike the previous season, the teams weren't divided into pools, with each team having an equal seed instead. 

Other highlights include the matchups between dk North -vs- eu mousesports, and se Ninjas in Pyjamas -vs- eu HellRaisers. Aside from those, we'll witness derbies of kz Gambit Esports -vs- kz AVANGAR, us NRG Esports -vs- us Team Liquid, and pl AGO Esports vs pl on Day 1.

Round 1 Draw:

ua NAVI.GG.BET -vs- cn Tyloo
eu HellRaisers -vs- se Ninjas in Pyjamas
kz AVANGAR -vs- kz Gambit Esports
pl AGO Esports -vs- pl
us NRG Esports -vs- us Team Liquid
br SK Gaming -vs- cn VG.FlashGaming
dk North -vs- eu mousesports
se GODSENT -vs- au Renegades

The format for the event remains unchanged, namely the Swiss Bo3 groups and single-elimination, Bo3 playoffs. StarSeries S5 will take place in Kyiv on May 28 through June 3, bringing together sixteen teams from all around the world fighting for their share of $ 300,000 prize pool.

Looking at our recent results, ua NAVI finished second in StarSeries' fourth season, falling to eu mousesports (1-2) in the grand final. After that, the lineup attended DreamHack Masters Marseille (2nd place) and ESL Pro League S7 (3rd-4th place). Join us as we support NAVI throughout the tournament! #gonavi