publications-bg rating - NAVI.GG.BET in top 3!

CS2 / News / 22 May 2018 — 21:39

NAVI.GG.BET in top 3

The world ranking has recently been updated, and ua NAVI.GG.BET climbed to the third line. In many respects this happened because our team took 3-4 place in the ESL Pro League S7 Finals, losing to us Liquid in the semifinals.

As eu mousesports lost its position on the leaderboard, the top three now looks like this: dk Astralis, eu FaZe and ua NAVI. us Team Liquid was the one that gained the most: due to making it to the grand final of ESL Pro League S7, the Americans climbed from 9th to 6th place.

As for the rest of the top 30, as of last week, the team with the most progress was dk OpTic, which added 20 positions - from 42nd to 22nd. As for the declines, the Polish team pl suffered the biggest drop- minus three positions and 18th place. rating
Place Team  Points  Rating change
1  dk Astralis 1000 -
2  eu FaZe Clan 735 -
3  ua Natus Vincere 561 +1
4  eu mousesports 535 -1
5  se fnatic 455 -
6  us Team Liquid 397 +3
7  us Cloud9 331 -1
8  br SK Gaming 310 -
9  se Ninjas in Pyjamas 258 -2
10  kz Gambit 229 -

Soon our guys will have a great opportunity to improve the position in the rating. StarSeries S5, which will be held from May 28 to June 3, is coming up next! We hope that our five will be able to prepare thoroughly for the upcoming championship and show a decent result! #gonavi