NAVI.Paladins team changes

News / 23 May 2018 — 15:05

Unbelivable leaves the team

In a few days, of Paladins Premier League, featuring the prize pool of $ 100 000, is going to kick off, and eu NAVI.GG.BET will be participating there with a renewed roster.

ee Kevin "Unbelivable" Rahu, who played for ua Natus Vincere since September 2017, is now leaving the team. With Kevin, the Born to Win became the champions of the Paladins World Championship 2018 and the recently concluded .

The place of ee Unbelivable will be taken by dk Kevin "Laizy" Jensen, who is a player, well known for his plays for se Ninjas in Pyjamas. Fans of eu NAVI will be able to see the updated squad in action on May 31 in a match against eu Fnatic.

We thank ee Unbelivable for his contribution to the development of the team and wish him good luck in his future career.

The team manager commented on the reasons for the reshuffle.

by Yaroslav "NightEnd" Klochko
NAVI.Paladins manager

"I understand very well that the decision to replace Unbelivable looks very ambiguous, especially in light of our victory in the tournament just a few days ago. But since the World Cup, the team wasn’t going through the best times. With each patch the game changes, someone quickly adapts to the changes, and someone does not. For 5 months we tried to find our game, but we could not achieve the optimal shape with the current meta.

The core of our recent success, first of all, lies in the fact that we left everything personal outside the team, focused on the game, closed our eyes, tried to keep the most friendly and positive atmosphere, so that players did not feel the pressure of failure, even if the last months of teamwork weren’t exactly positive. We adapted to the opponents throughout all 3 tournaments very well, we had good drafts, we hit our stride at Paladins Masters, but it's not enough to be the best team in the world.

Leaving the team in its original form meant returning to the same problems that the team experienced a month ago. These problems were not solved then and cannot be resolved in a short period of time, and most likely, will lead the roster into an even more deplorable state.

Making a substitution in the lineup a week before the start of the online league is definitely a risky deed, but each player consciously accepted those risks. With the addition of Laizy, we get the opportunity to look at the game from a different angle, the ability to change our strategies, change the drafts.

We want to always win teams of the Fnatic level, and having Laizy is definitely going to be an asset for that in the long term.

Those were, definitely, interesting 9 months, full of ups and downs; thanks to Kevin for the track he left in the history of NAVI". 

Renewed NAVI.GG.BET Paladins roster:

nl Kai «Faenex» van Duppen
fi Kari «Mutu» Parviainen
pl Paweł «Creativs2» Majszyk
fi Teemu «Spunkki» Тenhunen
dk Kevin «Laizy» Jensen

by Yaroslav «N1ghtEnd» Klochkо (manager)