Interview with Laizy

News / 23 May 2018 — 20:32

Let's get to know Laizy better!

Recently, our Paladins roster has gone through some changes, as ee Kevin "Unbelivable" Rahu parts ways with the team. Instead of him, our team will play with dk Kevin "Laizy" Jensen. Let's get to know the newcomer better!

— Hey! For all our readers who are curious to find out more about you, please tell us a little about yourself!

— Hello, I guess most people already know me within the Paladins scene, but I go by the name Kevin and I’m almost 28 years old from Denmark. In my free time, I stream and workout.

— How long have you been playing Paladins? Why did you pick this game to play competitively? How did you get into the professional scene?

— Previously I played League of Legends competitively and after several failures, I decided to move on to another game. I found out that Paladins was going into closed beta phase with a pretty decent card system and since I played some hearthstone in the past, I loved the idea on spending more money on another card game. Over the time it translated into me getting better at the game and I decided to create a team with Thiel and later we picked up Spunkki, where our biggest and only competition would be Bugzy and his team “D69” for a very long time.

— Have you ever been interested in any other titles? Do you follow them now?

— Occasionally I watch CS:GO and League of Legends and I also do follow the whole esports section within the 2 games. In the past, I used to love watching StarCraft and StarCraft 2.

— What's your most significant achievement in esports?

— That would be January 9, 2017 when I won the HRX Invitational with Spunkki, Thiel, Bird and Bonkar.

— What role will you be playing on eu NAVI? What goals do you set for yourself?

— My goals is to do even better than ee Unbelivable and it won’t be easy since he had such a great run at HRX and PPL. I will be the flex player within eu NAVI aka Tank/DPS or anything that is required.

— You've already had the chance to meet the rest of the team. What are your impressions? Give us a couple of words to describe each of your teammates.

— I mean to keep it short I guess it would be something like this.

nl Faenex: Very relaxed person with a very good morale and confidence. I’m not sure how to describe it, but ever since he joined the team. They’ve been winning and doing better. A lot of people didn’t see him as a good player in the past, but I definitely think he has changed everybody's perspective about him lately.

fi Spunkki: I’ve known fi Spunkki for a very long time and we did have some issues here and there, but that was way in the past. Ever since we split up and before that we’ve talked and played games together.

pl Creativs2: Very chill person that I like to duo queue with, also known as my kryptonite while I was playing in eu NiP.

fi Mutu: Very quiet and respectable person. His personality translates really well into his playstyle. He kinda reminds me of se GeT_RiGhT from CS: GO, since I believe he has always been the best at “lurking” in pro matches.

— You encountered eu NAVI many times on the battlefield. Did you see them as formidable opponents?

— I’ve always had issues playing against fi Mutu and pl Creativs2 and they’ve always been my biggest opponents for a long time. Luckily I don’t have to deal with that anymore.

— Which contestant of the new season of Paladins Premier League do you consider the most powerful? Perhaps, eu Fnatic or eu Team Envy?

eu Fnatic and that’s only because of se Bugzy. He has always been my biggest roadblock since 3 years ago. I will never forget about his Barik with Inflame.

— Would you like to play against eu Ninjas in Pyjamas?

— A lot of stuff has changed ever since I left eu NiP and I can’t wait to see what they’ve changed and how they actually play now. I’m mainly afraid of se Bonkar’s backline Cassie.

— What's your take on the current situation of the professional scene? Is there a skill gap between the teams from different regions?

— There is a lot of diversity in Paladins, but I do think that EU is still superior when it comes to drafting and adapting. I think it is based on who can figure out the best meta and how to outdraft their opponents. But in the end, what matters the most is how everything is executed and teamplay. But judging from the results lately, anything can happen now.

— In your opinion, what champions should get buffed/nerfed?

— Overall I don’t think there is any need for buffing. I think fixing bugs and desyncing issues should be the main priority, Evie etc. My nerf list is way too long, but I think Hi-Rez should nerf the “comeback mechanic”.

— What does Paladins need to reach the level of Dota 2 or LoL? If you were one of the developers, what steps would you take to promote the game?

— Personally, I think the game is heading in the right way now and Hi-Rez is doing a very good job lately. Releasing new champions regularly, fixing bugs and promoting the game by doing commercials or giveaways.

eu NAVI players often interact with their fans through streams. Do you enjoy streaming?

— Oh…. I do enjoy streaming when I finally decide to actually do it. Interacting with all the fans that support you is always a great feeling. I definitely did let down my supporters here and there with false hope about me streaming more and I would like to apologize for that. More streams soon™.

— What social media can you be found on? Any shout-outs to the fans of eu NAVI?

— I can be found on  and .

I’m excited to represent eu NAVI. They’re an incredible team and I can’t wait to play with them. For my fans - I hope you guys will follow me and support me at eu NAVI and hopefully I won’t disappoint you.