GLL Season 2: Week 1 recap

PUBG / News / 22 May 2018 — 21:46

The first intermediate results

During the bootcamp, ru NAVI.GG.BET PUBG team not only actively prepares for the upcoming qualifications of PUBG Global Invitational 2018, but also actively storms the online stages of other tournaments. One of them was the second season of the Global Loot League. The first competitive week is done, and it's time to sum up the interim results of the Born to Win.

At the moment, our team, sitting on the fourth line of the standings, was able to gather 730 points. Thus, after 4 maps, ru NAVI received 540 points for survival and another 190 for the frags. At the same time, the current leader of the event is ahead of the "yellow-black" by more than 500 points - the gap is significant but quite surmountable.

Tournament table
Place Team Kill score Survival score Total
1  eu GRIFFINS 240 1040 1280
2  ru M19 300 840 1140
3  ru QUANTUM BELLATOR FIRE 170 570 740
4  ru NAVI.GG.BET 190 540 730
5  eu EASYRIDERS 2 220 410 630
6  ru Team Unique 120 410 530
7  eu Tornado Energy Battle 110 400 510
8  eu KIT-KAT 170 320 490
9  eu ALPOCHINKI 100 380 480
10  eu AHMATPOWER 110 340 450
11  ru pro100 110 300 410
12  ru Vega Squadron 120 290 410
13  kz AVANGAR 40 340 380
14  eu FROMZERO 100 250 350
15  ru Team Empire 90 130 220
16  ru FORZE 90 120 210

On the first day of the game, the participants had the opportunity to show their strength on both Erangel and the deserted Miramar: in the case of the first map, ru NAVI finished in the fifth and fourth places, and subsequently reached only the eighth and sixth positions, even though Miramar is considered the best map of our squad.

 Sviatoslav "Draynis" Komissarov

"On the third map we did not jump into the usual spot. We know that the developers are constantly changing Miramar, so during matches within the leagues, it makes sense to try different starting spots to have an idea of what schemes can be played from different points on the map. Puerto Paraiso is an alternative spot for looting for our team.

In general, I consider the first experience of tournament games with the bootcamp satisfactory. The series of games was introductory for us: we watched how other teams play, what spots they occupy, where they go to loot. While some teams are difficult to highlight, this is only the first game of the week, five are still ahead. Time will tell."

Very soon ru NAVI will meet with other contestants again during the second week of the Global Loot League. Matches are scheduled for May 29, start time - 17:00 CEST. No doubt, our guys will be 100% ready to improve the result of the first round of battles. Good luck! #gonavi