PUBG / News / 24 May 2018 — 15:01

PUBG squad answers some interesting questions!

ru NAVI.GG.BET PUBG players answered some of the fans' questions recently on the Twitch stream. Here are some of the interesting answers!

ru ILame_ru suggested the judges should draw the circles during the tournaments. What do you think about it?

ru Drainys: I don't think this is a good idea. It's just necessary for Korean developers to make sure that their circles are not "drunk".

ru Shade1: Yes.

ru Drainys: The system can still be controlled by the game, but it shouldn't jump all over the map, and a slight centering would be good as well. That way, everything will be fine. It is not necessary to appoint judges, because they will not always be objective.

ru Drainys, what is your favorite band or artist?

ru Drainys: A lot of those. It's hard to name your favorite one. Perhaps, the American band Five Finger Death Punch or Icelandic Sigur Ros.

— The perfect set of weapons in a tournament?

ru Drainys: UMP9, SKS. With an airdrop - AWM. UMP is good because you can hold the right mouse button and do not necessarily enter the aiming mode. You can also not press that button - a simple run and gun. It's a good weapon, I started using it myself - no matter how bitter for me, but the weapon in this patch is not bad, like all SMGs.

— How to navigate when the zone is far away? How to move so that you do not take fire?

ru POKAMOLODOY: A difficult question. In any case, the time will come when you will be killed while on the move. And you need to adjust to the game of all the teams with which you play. Everyone plays in different ways. Each tournament has all the different teams.

ru Drainys: For this reason, it's easy to play with the top-tier teams - with ru FaZe Clan, eu Team Liquid. It's easy - not in the sense that it's easier to win, but in a sense that everyone knows how someone acts and moves. There is no such thing that you run into the yellow house, and suddenly "Valera" runs out and blows up your car.

— Which teams without organizations are very progressive in the competitive scene?

ru Drainys: In general, most good players already play in organizations. But it happens that hypothetical players have a quarrel, the team disintegrates, and they make a hypothetical mix. These are mixes without organizations. But they would still be signed by someone.

— What is your bootcamp routine?

ru Drainys: There is no set routine. The main point - tournaments, everyone should be ready for those. And so, pretty much, we stream, eat, sleep. Of course, it's better to sleep during the night, not during the day. There are no problems, all are ready for the challenges.

— How to find the team?

ru Drainys: Play well. The team will find you.

— Why are the flashes used so rarely?

ru Drainys: Because the bag gets stocked up with all sorts of "garbage", and flashes just do not fit in. It is more useful to take another smoke grenade because they are valued at later stages of a competitive game much more.

— How long will the discipline last?

ru Drainys: By and large, it can last for a good while, but it all depends on the developers. For some reason, there's like a brick wall between them and the professional players, and there's no opportunity to establish the communication. If everything continues like this, then the won't last as long as the developers envisage. But I hope that everything will improve and it will be good. In the meantime, the game lives thanks to ESL, Dreamhack, GLL, which include PUBG in their activities.

— What roles are there in the game and do you have them?

ru POKAMOLODOY: We do not have any roles. In general, there are supports that quickly loot and go to occupy important places in the center. And that's all, pretty. There are also snipers, of course, but again, not all teams have them.

ru Drainys: Anyone can play sniper in our squad.

ru POKAMOLODOY: Well, except for me.

— Why Primorsk?

ru POKAMOLODOY: Because we've been claiming this spot for like 4 months, and now no one drops there, so we loot it. If you change the spot, then you need to claim a new one, but it takes a long time.

ru Drainys: Very long time indeed. About half a year: there is a lot of American teams, all sorts of tier 2 and tier 3 teams, Asian teams. Everyone knows that ru NAVI drop down to Primorsk, so nobody drops there. And if we start to drop into the camp of another team, this "claiming" will last for a long time, the results will worsen. In general, that's a rather ambiguous plan, but we'll be thinking about it.

— Why do you choose "two plus two" setup instead of moving as 4?

ru POKAMOLODOY: We do the so-called split sometimes, but usually we play as four.

ru Shade1: We rarely do it, in my opinion.

ru Drainys: It is needed to counter zone random to the max, to level it.

— What do you do on bootcamp, except for training?

ru POKAMOLODOY: We eat, play pubs, sleep, stream.

ru Drainys: Walking sometimes, now we are planning a trip to McDonald's.

— The most frags you've ever had in a competitive?


— Do you often meet cheaters in open qualifications?

ru POKAMOLODOY: There was just one 100% cheater, the rest were just suspicious guys.

— All tournaments are held in squads. Is it worth it to practise solo at all?

ru POKAMOLODOY: Of course, the personal skill is important.

ru Drainys: Yes, of course, it makes sense to play. But it is not necessary to attach special importance to such games. If you position yourself as a professional player in PUBG, then only squad games are important. Solo should be perceived as a shooting practice, some little things and as a fun game.

— What are ru NAVI scared of?

ru Ubah: Wasps and bees, we've had one flying around.