StarSeries i-League S5: Loss to Tyloo

CS2 / News / 28 May 2018 — 11:32

Falling 0-2 to Tyloo

The first game of ua NAVI.GG.BET at StarSeries i-League S5 was against the Chinese team cn Tyloo. The Bo3 ended with a 0-2 score in our opponent's favor.

Game 1 - Natus Vincere [0:1] Tyloo

The first game started off with 3 rounds going the way of ua NAVI. We've climbed up rather well, but the gun round was taken by cn Tyloo, allowing them to get a couple more points to tie the game 3:3. The remainder of the half followed the suit, as the teams were demonstrating a very equal game.

First ua NAVI took 3 more, but dropped 3 in response again. The economies of both teams were not faring too well, so we had to make out the best of what was available. Even if we weren't always able to take the desired guns, ua NAVI firepower was just enough to make it. Yet at the end of the day, the first half was taken by us with 9:6 on the board.

The second half saw the pistols round go the way of cn Tyloo, as they made a strong case, claiming the first 3 rounds to tie the game 9:9. ua NAVI only managed to take the gun round, but not much more, as we got reset right in the next one. This didn't discourage us too much, as we still had what it takes to take 2 in a row - we did not want to let go of the game that easily.

As the game was coming to its conclusion, ua NAVI managed to break ahead with a 3-round streak, making it to the match point with 15:12 on the board. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to secure the map, as cn Tyloo held on to the game with all they had, eventually driving de_mirage into the overtime.

The overtime saw the teams trade the first rounds, and the score hit 16:16. The first half of the overtime went the way of the Chinese team. The second half saw the opponent get to the match point first at 18:16, and we did not manage to bring the game back, dropping de_mirage 16:19.

overpass — Natus Vincere [12:16] tyloo

The second map started off with cn Tyloo taking the lead, as they secured the first pistol round, force buy and an eco. We responded by winning the first gun round, but Tyloo quickly stroke back, taking one round in return and resetting our economy.

Instead of the usual force buy + eco procedure, our boys decided to opt for two consecutive force buys, but couldn't get them to work, letting the Chinese team move ahead until the score reached 7-1. After regaining our economy, we managed to secure four points, 5-8, but Tyloo took back the initiative and closed the first half at 10-5.

The second pistol round also went the way of our opponents, but this time our boys managed to pull off a successful force buy in round 2. Unfortunately, Tyloo repeated our feat and regained the initiative. 

Unlike the previous attempt, we managed to make the double force buy work this time and got a chance to come back. The momentum, however, swung back in Tyloo's favor as they went up to having 7 match points on their serve. We managed to seize four more rounds, but couldn't close it — cn Tyloo wins 16-12 on de_overpass and secures the game 2-0.

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