StarSeries S5: Round 2 opponent

CS2 / News / 29 May 2018 — 07:08

Facing VG.Flash in the next round

The second-round matchups of the group stage of StarSeries S5 have been drawn up. ua NAVI.GG.BET are set to face off against the Chinese team cn VG.Flash on May 29th, 12:00 CEST. It will be played as a best-of-3 series.

Other highlights in the draw for the 0-1 record teams include pl vs kz Gambit and us NRG vs dk North. You can find the full draw below. 

Round 2 draw results:


ua NAVI.GG.BET -vs- cn VG.FlashGaming
kz Gambit Esports -vs- pl
dk North -vs- us NRG Esports
eu HellRaisers -vs- au Renegades


pl AGO -vs- se Ninjas in Pyjamas
us Team Liquid -vs- se GODSENT
eu mousesports -vs- cn Tyloo
br SK Gaming -vs- kz AVANGAR

Round 1 of StarSeries S5's group stage saw NAVI lose to cn Tyloo (0-2). VG.Flash, on the other hand, clashed against br SK Gaming (1-2). We hope our boys will come into the game well-prepared and pick up their first win in Kyiv! #gonavi