GLL Season 2: Week 2 recap

PUBG / News / 30 May 2018 — 08:18

Results after Week 2

The Global Loot League Season 2 action continues! Its second week is over, and that means it's time for our weekly recap!

The contestants battled it out on Erangel and Miramar. They played a total of four matches, which positioned ru NAVI.GG.BET fifth in the team standings.

Placement Team Kill points Survival points Total
1  ru QUANTUM BELLATOR FIRE 290 800 1090
2  eu KIT-KAT 280 660 940
3  ru Team Unique 250 500 750
4  eu Not So Serious 180 460 640
5  ru NAVI.GG.BET 160 470 630
6  eu Lets us zajimat 50 560 610
7  ru M19 140 470 610
8  eu Tornado Energy BATTLE 150 430 580
9  eu GRIFFINS 170 410 580
10  eu 5 FRAGS 150 390 540
11  eu Tornado Energy Storm 140 340 490
12  eu NaBy$tah 110 350 460
13  ru Team Spirit 50 300 350
14  eu ALPOCHINKI 50 230 280
15  eu BEASTMODE 10 210 220
16  eu EasyRiders 30 100 130

The first two games kept the fans anxious all throughout, as ru Natus Vincere seemed slightly off in both of them — unexpectedly, the boys were pressed into a shaky position of almost dropping out of the league's division Alpha.

Fortunately, the boys managed to keep the spot, taking #1 place in the third game with 10 kills and moving up from the last to eighth position.

The final encounter saw them deliver another decent result, as they finished seventh and solidified their position in the standings. In total, we now have 630 points on our record, with 160 of those gained through kills and 470 through surviving.

Below you can find the Week 2 summary of ru Boris "Starsky" Staroselsky , who provides Russian coverage of Global Loot League Season 2.

Boris "Starsky" Staroselsky

"First, I'd like to point out the ru QBF squad. After the roster shuffles and signing by a new tag, the boys buckled down to work to reach consistent results and have been gaining momentum lately. They don't have IGLs or playmakers, but they don't seem to need them. Their main task is to maintain this positive result streak and the shape they're in. 

ru NAVI have been a bit off lately. The team may have hit a performance slump. Plus, they have been going through an unlucky stretch with the circle, rotations, and plays. In one of the games, ru Drainys got stuck between the rock and a vehicle, and the team spent 40 seconds getting him out, so they missed all the timings and entered the circle too late. In competitive PUBG, you can't afford to make mistakes like this.

ru Unique is a consistent team who doesn't depend much on the circle, but sometimes they make weird decisions which often prove fatal. On Miramar, they attempted to attack the squad moving through the water and lost four players. Fiasco. However, they never get low on morale, and ru playwithme alone can sometimes move up 10 positions. Good job, but they have to think strategically when making decisions.

ru М19 stopped bootcamping and that's what we get. It's surprising how well they play when they are together, and how badly things go when they are not. Mistakes, bad situational choices and inconsistent results. Even with ru Batulin at the peak of his form and killing 2-4 players with a grenade... I'm sure ALPOCHINKI will long remember this Miramar.  

ru Team Spirit's results are also disappointing to the fans. It's hard to play on par with the best of the best. They can play in Bravo but turn into a punching bag in Alpha. They have to change something. Perhaps, it's worth starting with their morale.  

eu KIT-KAT have also been doing very well. Consistent and great performance! We'll see how it goes in one or two months; the remaining teams are almost done getting used to the patch and shooting."

On June 6, Born to Win will re-enter the battlefield, trying to put their best foot forward in Week 3 of GLL Season 2. The prize pool of $ 100 000 will be on the line for the main event participants, and our boys will certainly be looking to take it home! #gonavi